Why WWE Might Not Get Honey Boo Boo?

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  1. Thank god, Let TNA have her. Didn't even know what she was till I googled her. Jesus Christ.
  2. Scetty'rasslin vs Eric Young at Lockdown 2013
  3. So, we have the top two wrestling companies in the world fighting over the ability to sign and train a 7 year old girl, who's family many people is wondering why the hell is on TV, to the point where people have negatively compared it to Jersey Shore (which, btw, hasn't drawn either), and caters to teenage girl audiences who generally don't watch pro wrestling...

    And people wonder why the wrestling business isn't cool anymore. Embarassing.
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  4. I heard Robbie E offered to train her. Good grief.
  5. isnt she a little fat kid with a reality show i only know that coz of south park
  6. I think so, I just googled her and burned my eyes looking at the family.
  7. Why TNA? Why do this? I expect WWE to be retards and fight for her but TNA?
  8. Honey Boo Boo is very big in the south states of America, as is TNA.

    Ronnie from the Jersey Shore, a young, strong guy who at least looked like a serious competitor, got the lowest segment of the show when he was on TV. What about this do you think is a good idea? None of your transparent ratings ploys work, not Ronnie, not J-Woww, not either Hogan, not anyone else. Here's a thought: Why not try to build your audience by simply putting on the quality wrestling show the company up north seems incapable of doing nowadays? Or is that just too simple for you?

    (Because ranting is fun, haha)
  10. She's ugly and stupid and fat.
  11. This, pretty much. This crap is embarassing.