Will Aries ever reach the top?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. He's excelling in the x-division at the moment, but could he become a main eventer? Up there with Roode, Ray, Storm, Hardy, Angle and Sting etc?
  2. The only thing that's stopping him is he looks like a mini me version of a real person, he just looks too small to make it in a mainstream company. He's an amazing talent however, so he may be able to pull it off.
  3. I think he could. Anything is possible, as TNA clearly has a lot of confidence in him seeing as he will soon be the longing reigning X Division champion ever and is still only 33 years of age
  4. Why not?
    Jeff Hardy's up there, and he fits under the 225-lb weight limit.
    Although he's a lot taller, but really, who books based on height anyway?
  5. I hope so. He needs to keep the X title until Lckdown, then win the TV title and hold it until BFG, and after that - enter main event! He's so damn talented, he must get a main event push.
  6. I'd love for him and Styles to come up together. I'd love to see a fatal four way with Styles, Hardy, Angle and Aries. Dunno why, 2 faces and 2 heels, all very good wrestlers.
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  7. I wouldn't mind those 4 in an ultimate X match tbh, they'd do some crazy shit. Either that or some revamp of the king of the mountain concept.
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  8. I for sure hope he will get to the main event scene by the end of the year. He's such a tremendous talent and now has all the momentum in the world going around for him. A feud with Styles or Hardy would be amazing.
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  9. It does worry me that he gets cheered so much as a heel, however.
  10. Some people are too good to boo, I can see him being a great Eddie style face. Especially when he pulled the title belt stick at one point.
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