Will Batista return?

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  1. After Over The Limit when John Cena defeated Batista, on RAW next night he said 'I Quit' in other words he quits the WWE. Will he return or is it over for him? We have lots of Batista fans and want him to return? Will he return?
  2. As I said multiple times before, he is my all time favorite. So of course I want him to return but will he? Honestly don't know. There's been rumors forever and each time Batista denies them on Twitter but said he wouldn't be against it. So maybe/probably in the future.
  3. I think it might be possible in the future. I personally wouldn't care if he didn't come, but if he did come to put over someone new like Big E Langston, that would be nice to see. I prefer him in the heel role than his face role honestly.
  4. I'd be fine with him returning as the heel he was right before he left and putting a few guys over.
  5. He'll never return full time as far as I see it, but I can't see him not coming back sporadically for a match or two at some point. If The Rock and Brock Lesnar returned (something many like myself thought would never happen), then a Batista return isn't improbable at all. Would mark for a Batista/Brock Lesnar feud. (inb4someonecomplainsaboutparttimersagainstparttimers.)
  6. OMG two part timers going against each other, if it happens Im going to like, stop watching WWE.
  7. Batista was a highly underrated big man. I'd love to see him return.
  8. He most likely won't. Plus, with his eyebrows, I don't want him on my TV screen.
  9. In the words of the great Santino Marella, "Baptista is an animale" does the WWE need Batista? No but should it try to open the door for a return? Yes. I do miss hearing his theme and watching him go apeshit at the top of the ramp
  10. If the money is right and he is up to it and he gets total promotion sure he will. He will return but prolly less work when he returns.
  11. Batista VS Ryback.... or VS Big E. Langston... **OR** a Team up of Batista, Ryback, and Langston tear into The Shield and send them into the next County..Next up..The Wyatt Family. Possible? Maybe? Who knows?
  12. I keep hearing rumors that he is filming a movie right now, not only that buy I know he's being working on MMA lately. I'd like to see him again one day.
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  13. Fun fact: He quit in toledo ohio, and I was there. :obama:
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  14. Yeah, but he'd need to come back for a few months, build himself up as a heel and before he leaves put over Langston.