Will Lana make it as a WWE diva?

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  1. The attention she gets is amazing, she is great at wiling the audience up and gaining heel heat, however do you think she can cut it as WWE diva? Nothing last's forever and i do not think they will keep Lana as Rusev's mouth piece.


    I'm interested in knowing what other users here think of her, do you think when she departs from Rusev that she will make it as a WWE diva? Or do you think she will be another lost cause?
  2. I doubt she'll ever step into the ring as a full-time in-ring performer. She might wrestle a match here and there, but I think her future is as a manager and possibly one day even an authority figure, not a Diva (does she even have any in-ring training? As far as I know, she showed up in NXT in a managerial role from day one.) I think between her and Rusev, she'll probably end up getting the bigger push and end up with the brighter future in the long run.
  3. lol I can make it as a nowadays WWE diva.
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  4. ewwww nooooo
  5. If she can't make it as a Diva, she sure could as a pornstar.
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    I read a while back that she had started in-ring training, but I'm not sure if it was true.
    Maybe they'll just keep her managing other talent, if she and Rusev part ways. But unless they change Rusev's non-english speaking gimmick, who else is going to make a good mouth piece for him?
  7. I would like to see what she could do outside of the whole 'Rusev mouthpiece' character thats for sure. She has done some nudie shots before so maybe she could start the WWE Diva in Playboy trend again? C'mon......maybe......? :okay:
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  8. Let's do it. We'll put all the diva teams to shame.
  9. My thoughts exactly.

    There's quite a good number of wrestlers she could manage once her/Rusev are done though. Cesaro, and Axel being two of them.
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  11. Hopefully she'll stick as a mouthpiece. A female manager knocking around is such a throwback it's great.
  12. Yeah I don't think she'll ever be considered a diva.. she's never wrestled or if she has it's only bee like once.. I would like to see her try it out though in the ring maybe like once every few months but who knows.. personally since Rusev can't really speak that well I wouldn't mind her as the mouthpiece for awhile until a Heyman opening comes for him.
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  14. Hmmm. :emoji_confused: i just dont see her as the wrestling type. but i guess she could give it a go :yay: