Will Paul Heyman leave Ryback & Axel?

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  1. At HIAC, CM Punk finally attacked Heyman, ending the feud. Heyman has not appeared since then. I'm guessing he will be done with Ryback and they're no longer together. Axel lost at NoC to Punk - will Heyman be angry with him for letting Punk attack him?

    When/how will Heyman return? Will we see some more Heyman guys?
  2. If Heyman is The Devil, then CM Punk is The Jesus?
  3. Hopefully, he stays off television until Lesnar returns sometime next year (which is said to be around January.) I'd rather not see him being utilized only in the midcard while Axel and Ryback feud with whomever. And I don't see the introduction of a new Heyman guy anytime soon.

    Just have Ryback and Axel on their own for awhile and when Heyman does return, have him tell Axel that he's good enough to go on his own now and have him tell Ryback a similar thing, that a guy like him doesn't need Heyman in his corner. This is as good of a way as any to get these schmucks away from Heyman. And then after Wrestlemania next year, they can put someone else with Heyman and hopefully this time get it right.
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  4. I think Heyman will definitely get involved by Mania at least if they're doing the Lesnar v Taker deal.
  5. Yeah, I'd expect Heyman to be apart of any angle Lesnar is involved in from now on, especially with Taker. Heyman has history with Taker stemming from this year and the Paul Bearer stuff. I'd be happy if he stayed off TV until then. Would make me appreciate seeing him more when he reappears again. One of the reasons I marked so hard for Heyman reappearing in 2012 was because it had been years since I'd last seen him on WWE television.
  6. Heyman's history with Taker goes back to his original feud with Brock when he was the American Bad Ass. He had the HIAC match with Brock if you recall. Heyman was outside the cell talking shit, and Taker grabbed him by the tie through the fencing. He proceeded to smash Paul's face against the cell repeatedly.
  7. The history with Brock back in 2002 needs to be brought up too, I agree. Because Lesnar defeated Taker a couple of times back then (including a clean victory in the cell) and Undertaker never scored a single victory over Brock in return. Heyman and Lesnar could use this as a way to convince Taker and the audience that Taker's streak is at jeopardy more than ever come WM30. And I probably mentioned this in another thread, but I really hope they recreate the finishing spot of their cell match when Lesnar reversed Taker's Tombstone Piledriver into an F-5 (it actually looked like he was gonna hit the Tombstone on Taker himself but then he threw him up on his shoulders for the F-5 instead) for the pinfall victory. Redoing that spot would be a nice throwback to their cell match from back in the day, except Taker kicks out at the last second this time.
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  8. Yeah I'm markin' out thinking about that. Especially the kick-out. He should kick-out and immediately lock in the Hell's Gate.

  9. He already has done ive read news today saying Heyman and Ryback are done as Ryback has heat on him and Heyman is gonna be off tv til Brock returns
  10. I think it would be pretty interesting, then after Lesnar's feud for 30 is done he can get a new client debuting from NXT.
  11. Paul Heyman has already left Ryback from the reports that have come out
  12. Heyman will not leave Axel until he loses the IC Title.
  13. Hopefully he makes Ryback face Axel to be the lone Heyman guy on a Smackdown or MAYBE Raw, and Punk will ruin the match, leaving it up in the air before it's forgotten altogether.
  14. Hope so. Both guys are giant busts. Only thing Ryback has going for him are his silly face expressions:happy:
  15. I've really enjoyed the Curtis Axel deal. He's had some really great matches IMO. That's a big deal for me to say, since before now I thought he was a talentless fuckbag loser who couldn't lace his father's boots to save his life. He doesn't have the promo skills of Curt, but he can fuckin' go in that ring.
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