Will RAW change after Wrestlemania?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Normally the IWC has their period of optimism after Wrestlemania that something substantial will happen to RAW. So do you think perhaps the 3 hour RAW's will end after Wrestlemania at some point? Do you think the way RAW is produced will change? The RAW theme? What part of RAW do you think isn't working (inb4 everything) and has a possibility of changing?
  2. It'll probably get even more boring and mediocre. Shows like this past Raw will be more common. :pity1:
  3. The summer usually has someting interesting, Summer of Punk, Nexus, Lesnar returning and the like so I'd hold out some hope. Ambrose could well be the star.
  4. Didn't they sign a contract to satay with the fucking stupid 3 hour Raw until summer? Don't really know but think it's like this...

    It may get more boring, they should make a good match in Raw, it looks like if the only matches they can have are tag matches and single matches... It's more exciting Saturday Morning Slam
  5. Well since last summer was I'd say a disappointment for many. I hope we get a huge summer storyline. Wishfull thinking but Cena loses at WM then turns heel as the big summer storyline would be so cool.

    In reality probs not a lot maybe the three hours but that depends on the terms of the tv deal they signed and how long it was for.
  6. I'm actually eagerly looking forward to the post-Wrestlemania period this year. In recent years, I haven't really cared since it seems not much was changing.

    -Whether the three hour Raw will continue on or be axed (viewership in the third hour is showing that audiences are starting to get used to the extra hour, which isn't good)
    -The Shield and how they'll progress and break up, which I predict will be sometime in the summer
    -What Brock Lesnar will do following the Triple H feud
    -The direction of CM Punk after the Undertaker match. After he comes back from time off, does he remain heel? Form a duo with Lesnar? Turn face?
    -Cena's title reign and how it'll be booked
    -How Del Rio will continue to be booked as champion, assuming he doesn't drop it to Boring Ass Swagger
    -Ziggler cashing in the MITB briefcase, which will have to happen sooner than later because time is running out
    -How Caesro wil continue to be booked
    -The break up of Team Hell No, which means both Bryan and Kane can go on to more serious shit
    -Ryback's future
  7. When Lockard sums it up like that i kinda get excited.
  8. Nice, summed it up very well. Yeah, that's what we have to look forward to. I'm also cogitating a return from the Outlaws to wrestle Ziggler and Big E for the titles, honestly.
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