Will Rooney leave? And if he does, does it mean....

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  1. That Ronaldo is coming home? Real Madrid have been interested in Rooney for years now, and it's seemingly 'set in stone' that Rooney is leaving. Why? He was dropped to the bench mid-week, there are reports of SAF thinking he is 'stale' now, his lifestyle isn't what SAF appreciates, he's in the last two years of his contract, and SAF could use him to bring Ronaldo home. Rooney is probably worth 50-60 million, and that could see us get Ronaldo almost for free. It'd probably be a swap deal + 20 million if we overpay, but yeah.

    Anyone else see this scenario? Rooney is fantastic and was voted the player every fan would want in their premier league team this year, but he's replaceable. His form has been on and off, and there are players who can step into his shoes creatively (Kagawa) and goal ratio (Hernandez, or Ronaldo if he comes).
  2. If he moves I'm expecting PSG tbh, I think Real know he's not on their level any more.
  3. He's definitely on their level imo. His minutes:goals:assists ratio is actually better than RVP's, and most would agree RVP is on their level. Wayne is still one of the best CF's in the world imo, and any club would be interested (barca are too, but I'd rather he go to Madrid).

    I doubt Wayne would go to PSG considering it's such a weak league, and isn't really a step forward from Manchester United. However, money does indeed talk.
  4. He's on the decline IMO and it'll be a steep slope, you know like the Brazilian Ronaldo did when he went to Milan? The weight issues will start affecting him more and more now. Just speculation because I'm too lazy for facts
  5. But what do you base that on? I guess it's just subjective in the end. His performances have always been influential this season, just a bit inconsistent. The stats are there for people to see for his goal:assist ratio. I agree that he needs to stay fit, but his lack of effort in that department doesn't necessarily mean he's on the decline imo.

    I'm surprisingly okay with the idea of him leaving though. Probably because of Kagawa and Welback.
  6. I signed him to Inter in Fifa. Then Neymar.

  7. Get over it . Mou is leaving , cristiano NOT.

    Whenever he sais in public/gets transefered then you can talk about him , but I just hate all the people talking shit about hes coming home , hes leaving etc.
    Btw , Manchester is not his home . He spent 6 years there, and 4 in Madrid . Lisboa is his home .
  8. I'm going to bury you when CR leaves. You will have a never ending amount of egg on your face.
  9. Yeah, because he always goes on about how he loves Real Madrid right? He even said himself.

    But Real Madrid’s Presdient Florentino Perez said today after meeting with the player : “I talked to Cristiano Ronaldo and he didn't say he wanted to leave Real [Madrid] but he wants to end his career in Manchester United”
    Ronaldo was quoted as once saying that : “United Is My Wife, Fans Are My Family, Manchester Is My Home”

    I understand why this would bother you since Real rely on him heavily (really, really do), but it's a high possibility that he'll go imo.
  10. Source? I wouldnt mine if he ends his career in Manchester United . But people saying hes leaving for sure this summer...Maybe in a couple of years.
  11. Google the quote, you'll find it.

    If he left in a couple of years you would lose him for free.
  12. Then...Do you think , Manchester is gonna pay over 60 million pounds?
  13. Could easily pay £60m. Especially with United's success in the stock market this year. We would get him for much less if we did a swap deal with Rooney which Real would probably be interested in. They don't need the money and they're going to be spending big at the end of the season, so they'll want Rooney probably.

    It won't be over £60m. Ronaldo is like 28 or something now and won't get any better, and he's in the last two years of his contract.
  14. rooney will not leave its just some bs made up by the paperr
  15. I've been looking and can't find this ratio anyway, mind linking it? All I've found is one from December which shows RVP well ahead of him in minutes to goals which obviously won't be accurate now. It's a big image btw.

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    Anyway his stats are still good I have no doubt, especially when he played a lot of the season out of position, as I said before I really don't have any reason to doubt him but I just do, Ferguson if these reports are true is willing to let him go for a fee which isn't kneemelting like the Ronaldo one for instance also which again hints at issues being on the horizon, why would you want to rid yourself of such a great player if he's going to be at the peak of his powers for much longer? You've said yourself Man U could easily finance the deal so it's not like money is an issue, plus Rooney is a merch king in himself. It's just a gut feeling so I doubt you'll take this opinion with much interest and rightly so but I can't help but think we've seen the last great season of Wayne.
  16. Was on Sky sports news last night when talking about Rooney potentially leaving. It's not goals:minutes, it includes assists as well. So goals:assists:minutes, which puts him above RVP (and maybe the best in the league I dunno). Rooney has 18 goals in all competitions, and the joint best assists in 10 (just for BPL, not sure for all competitions, but will be more). So that's already 28 goals he's been involved in. RVP has 25 goals in all competitions and 8 assists (just BPL again), but has played the most games for MU than anyone else this season, where as Rooney has missed quite a few more.
  17. Looks like he's not leaving, SAF said he'll be here next season.
  18. Rooney-CR reunion?!?!
  19. Would be so dope. They're good friends.
  20. PSG. Simple.