Politics Will Trump's Words Encourage Terrorism?

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  1. This is from a US News article:

    I want to start by saying I do not support Trump or Hillary for several reasons. This isn't an issue of who is better of those two, but more of one of them treating this Orlando tragedy like a fearful little child.

    Trump reacting the way he is saying things like "I told you so!" isn't doing this country any good. If anything, he may make true Muslim Terrorists want to do something to us. You can't blame a whole religion/belief system for one person being a a sociopath and I know that more than a lot of people because I receive a lot of hate from people for what I believe in over other people's actions.

    The way Trump is acting against Muslims is no different than any other ignorant person acting against someone of a different belief/religion but the problem here is - He is doing it on national news and as a political standing. His words may not represent this nation as a whole, but clearly people support him in what he is saying and those supporters are Americans.

    Do you think Trump and how he is acting can fuel true terrorism to happen? Share your thoughts.
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  2. This is a bit OT but I wanted to share this post because this man makes good points :

  3. Trump secluding, profiling and having an increased xenophobic sentiment is gonna alienate a lot of people. It's gonna bite the U.S in the ass if he goes through with this, if he can even pass that law. The majority of the United States is against this law, from the studies I read about. However, even if he does an Executive Order, Congress, House and Senate will still have a chance to override the decision, since almost no logical politician supports this policy.
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  4. If elected : He can't do something like this without their agreement, yes, but him talking about it isn't good either.
  5. He's going to cause shitstorms.
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