Will we be April Fooled at WM?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Since WM is on April 1st, will Vince try to April Fool us?

  2. Lol it would kill WWE.
  3. Vince would be signing his own death warrant.
  4. There will probably be some corny backstage segment with Santino, Ryder, & Khali pranking Teddy Long. Because this is the type of thing we get from 4 hour wrestlemanias instead of using the time to give us longer & more epic matches.
  5. Indeed, matches should be longer. It will be 40% wrestling, 60% Taker's entrance.
  6. I laughed.
  7. "Yeah, you know that epic Rock-Cena match we've been building for a year? It's becoming a dark match which turns into a battle royal won by Ezekiel Jackson!"
  8. Yeah probably giving Santino the WWE title somehow lmao
  9. U know Undertaker and HHH is match is going to be better then the selfproclaim best match all time Rock vs. Cena! So if we getting April Fool it would be HHH winning at WM28! Which we ALL know Undertaker is gonig 20-0 at WM! OH YET!
  10. No the HHH/Taker match is the 3rd best match its Punk/Jericho then Rock/Cena then HHH/Taker will be an average match at best
  12. I love HIAC but it won't have anything on some of the great HIAC matches of the past as both superstars are getting old and I'm sorry to say I see no one taking a massive bump or doing anything over the top spectacular.
  13. The 2 guy in the Cell have been in the most Cell match EVER and have been in the best Cell match ever! But the match is not going best? HELL NO! I GOING TO BEST MATCH OF THE NIGHT!
  14. Yes I agree they've had amazing HIAC matches in the past but do u really see anyone taking a bump off the top of the cage or anyone getting profusely cut open I don't so that leaves us a standard match in the cell. I'm not saying it wont be good but I feel in comparison to HIAC matches we have had it wont be up there with the greats. i.e the six man HIAC at Armageddon.
  15. I goes u did not see what taht last year in a o holds bold match did u! That broken the rule in taker was his in the head chair which is against WWE now for wrestler to do! If that do think like that this year in the Cell match it going ot make the best of the night!
  16. Batista vs HHH HIAC was pretty damn good, all inside the cell. So it really can be a kick ass match.
  17. Wait and see guys... just wait and see.
  18. I'll give u that Jose but I always feel like HIAC matches are wasted a little if they stay inside I think it's cause I was so used to the earlier ones that the ones where they've stayed inside have left me feeling cheated a little.
  19. I like the action on top of the cage, but if they will do that this year, I'm afraid one of them will be crippled or worse, dead.
  20. Thats what I mean I cant see either of them taking that huge bump that makes u go OMG! I see it being a good match but just no massive mark out moment.
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