Will we ever run out of new music?

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  1. Nothing to be taken too seriously but pretty interesting I guess.
  2. 11 minutes...

    Summarise for me babe.
  3. Mathematically there's shitloads of different possibilities, however, we as humans prefer to stick to a fairly similar style of music.

    CBA going any more in depth lol.
  4. Tl;dw

    I can say this, there will always be new music. It's been happening ever since the start of time. Mozart, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Justin Bieber, Deadmau5, and so many others created different styles and newer music. And these are just the popular ones, go underground and you'll find way more in depth, personally a fan of Avant-Garde, but no matter what music is an evolution. It will always change, and people will hate it. People hate change, whether they like to admit it or not, but they can't stop it, nor should they.
  5. "Yes".

    -Flo Rida
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  6. No will we bollocks well not in our lifetimes.

    I suppose in theory as there is only a finite combination of musical notes.

    Its like books in theory there is a finite combination of words and sentences so technically it could happen.
  7. Never ever ever..

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  8. Omg so inspirational.
  9. What an artist!
  10. Visionary.
  11. Bugger Flo Rida.

    Its all bout Bieber :facepalm: