Will WWE fuck up again?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Seems like every time they give is something good, they follow up with something shitty.

    Punk's promo - Nothing really came of it
    Lesnar returning/killing Cena - We know how that ended
    Bryan as WHC - gets "buried" at Mania
    and other shit - cba remembering

    Do you think they will fuck up Dolph's reign? Or do you think they might actually try and give him a successful reign?
  2. The Mania thing didn't fuck up Bryan. It helped him.
  3. Haha not really the point here :pity1:

    Don't think E was like, "you will job and lose in 18 seconds and become the most over superstar on the roster!" . If it wasn't for his " :yes: " he'd probably have gone to shit.

    I still consider it a shit moment, despite Bryan getting himself over.
  4. If he gets pops or heat they'll go with it. If he falters at all I could see them putting the title back on the great Latino hope.
  5. It can go either way. It seems like WWE is moving forward, and since it isn't Wrestlemania season anymore, usually the young talent get a good push. So I can't see Ziggler's reign being like Bryans or that bad.
  6. It's true, and he'll be at the top of the company again, we're looking at a future WOH champ or a WWE champ
  7. I think it helped him get over with the crowd. He's had that title match with Punk but besides that, I can't recall him doing much damage in singles.
  8. Unintentionally... They couldn't have predicted that. That match was the definition of a burial imo.

    Anyway, it's harder to fuck up with reigns. Punks was ruined because he came back too early and had to feud with Cena again (to draw Summerslam tickets). Lesnar jobbed to Cena because they reportedly didn't know if he was going to stick around and they wanted to use him early for $$. And yeah the Bryan thing was a fail that just accidentally turned out good.

    Another good example though is Nexus.
  9. They'll probably 'fuck it up' in my eyes because I'm so picky. If DZ's reign isn't exactly what I expect I'll bitch.