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  1. Open to all residents of North America

  2. And Spain ? :happy:
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    I know FML :downer:
  3. I could try to win this and I bought a travel package the first day, I'm stupid brother :sad:
  4. The odds of winning are slim, if you can afford to go and bought it, it's a safer bet.
  5. I've already bought it, but I could try to win this, I bought it the first day I knew it was going to be in Boston, my hometown...
  6. Come on man, give the rest of us a chance, you're already going lol.
  7. You should never buy travel packages. They're a complete con, much cheaper to buy everything yourself seperate.
  8. I'm not entering the contest....


    True, but there was nothing uploaded to buy it by myself...
  9. :yay: Gimme!!
    Submitted my entry though. :woo1:
  10. I better win, or else :tough:
  11. You can long as you share with me. :kratos:
  12. I get it :ksi:
  13. North America? Alright then :downer:
  14. I already won it. :pity2:
  15. Well since you all are competing better pack my bags....
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    To go to Slammiversary, because I'm gonna win :tough:
  16. Filled out the form :Obama:

    inb4 I my email get spammed by TNA :why:
  17. Haven't received anything from them yet. Perhaps they're actually only going to send me things I'd be interested in :hmm:
  18. Tampons, a video of Hornswoggle winning the cruiserweight belt, and a STD filled hooker?
  19. Bingo! :happy:
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