Win or Lose.

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    Immediately following the conclusion of IWT Survival.


    We open on a camera running down a hallway towards Scott Fargo. Fargo is wearing a tight black-t shirt and pair of blue jeans, he has his green M-1965 field jacket over his left shoulder, and is carrying a dufflebag with his wrestling gear inside with his right hand. Fargo is halfway out of the door of the building as the cameraman running towards him shouts.


    Fargo stops dead in his tracks in the middle of opening the door and he patiently waits while the cameraman catches up. Fargo turns to the out of breath cameraman.

    “Mist-- Mister Fargo. C-can I get your thoughts on tonight's IWT Surivival? Seeing as you are now the number one contender for Mr. Forte’s championship, could I get your thoughts specifically, the situation this “Bishop” and Jack Forte situation?”

    Fargo gives a small laugh as he looks to the floor.


    Fargo looks up at the camera.

    “I honestly do not care. At the end of the day, as long as I get Forte in the center of the ring for the belt, I’m happy. I couldn’t care less about who it is that attacked him. I don’t care why he attacked Forte. Another thing, if this “Bishop” character wants a title shot against Forte, then he better get in line. Walk with me.”

    Fargo exits the building into the night. The cameraman follows closely with the view focused on Fargo as they walk through the building's parking lot.

    “You see, tonight? Out there against Percy, that was just a preview. That was just...hmm...let’s say five...yeah, about five percent of my total ability. My title shot is more than just a championship match. Whether I win or lose, it’s an important match for me and my career. If I win, I’m the guy who beat the oh so legendary Jack Forte for a championship in his second IWT match. If lose, I’m the guy that gave Jack Forte one hell of a fight and people will respect me for that. They won’t be carrying on about how “I’m not ready”, and how I have “barely been in IWT” like I somehow don’t deserve the opportunity to step into that ring with one of the greats and challenge him for his championship. It’s ridiculous.”

    Fargo looks to the camera as he walks.

    “Win or lose...”

    Fargo looks forward with a smile.

    “I prove everyone wrong.”

    The cameraman stops, but the view still follows, as Fargo continues walking off into the night.
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