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  1. "The Week Before Money In The Bank"
    The Titantron then switches to a match.

    "Come on, New York!" Aiden Screams as he awaits a dazed Artist to reach his feet. With the universe in split decision of who to favor the crowd begins to chant "This is awesome". "Come on, Artist!" , Aiden taps his knee and measures him up. The Artist eventually reaches his footing, Aiden attempts a roundhouse only to have The Artist check out of dodge, Aiden's foot then bounces off the turnbuckle causing severe pain to accrue in his leg.

    "This is The Artists Moment to capitalize on a win."
    A Commentator announces as The Artist sprints over to Aiden only to receive an elbow to the jaw. "Oh! These men are going to destroy eachother, there's no way either men will be able to compete at Money In The Bank!"
    Aiden then hooks The Artist into a headlock and uses the ropes as assistants to hit an implant DDT a hint of desperation kicks in as Aiden then leaps into the cover.

    "One... Two... Three!"
    The Bell sounds as Aiden swiftly and quickly rolls out of the ring. landing on his ass the camera zooms in at a shocked Aiden.

    "Here is your winner, Aid-en R-yan!"
    Aiden's hand gets raised as he lifts struggles to lift himself up. With his foot in unbelievable pain he manages to fit through it and stand proudly.

    The camera quickly shifts to the commentators.

    "From respect, to disrespect, from resentment, to acceptance, Aiden Ryan is now walking back into the ring and showing that he is no longer a as The Artist refereed to him "A Wasted Talent.". Aiden Ryan was on a mission and he accomplished it tonight. I would like to see these two go at it one more time but for now Aiden Ryan has proved what Harriet Vargas has been hinting him to prove for the past two months."

    "What's interesting to me is that, When Aiden wins something he is no longer The Prince Of Dark Despair, he is no longer that "Sadistic" as he calls himself, human being that he claims to be. It's almost like everytime Aiden Ryan gains a victory a rookie him comes out and he acts the same way he did when he won his debut match in february. "

    The Camera shifts back to Aiden Ryan who is walking backwards and raising two fingers in the air, hearing clapping behind him he turns around and see's Pain And The British Kid standing their applauding him.

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    This was the aftermath of the match between The Artist And Aiden Ryan, It is going to lead up to a storyline that was created. This in no way will interfere with the pay per view and if it does cause any issues feel free to inform me so I can save the segment and delete the thread and post after the pay per view.

    Just thought i'd clear that up, better safe then sorry.

    People's names I used in this segment.
    @Tsar, I would really like to have a longer match with you again sometime!
    @NeoPHX & @The ReagMaster

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