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  1. Is it time to start over? I'm starting to see a trend here, people leaving either because they're not happy with the way that this fed works. I can see why too, my goal for this fed upon joining was to give it a never ending feeling of relevance on this forum which it seemed to lack before The Cure stuff. All in all though, it's almost impossible to have IWT in the spotlight as much as it deserves to be.
    The problem that I always had with IWT is that even though a few of us were kicking stuff around to try and make an impact on the forum there really was nothing to show for it. Votes are cool and all, but numbers don't truly represent the work that the roleplayers put in to making this place the best that it can be. That's not Jonathan's or Dat Kid's or anyone's fault. It's just a flawed system imo. There's too much happening for anything to really have any meaning behind it, feuds come and go without people noticing and no one really gives a shit about anything that they're not involved in. The feds which I've been in the past are at their best when you care about every storyline or promo, not just yours or your opponents.

    So, rather than just bitch with no answers I've come up with an alternative to the situation that we are currently in, here it is. This is just my suggestion because I know that a lot of people aren't happy with what we have currently. If you have any problems, address them here.

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    1. A new name. There's nothing wrong with IWT, but a new name and a new start kinda go hand in hand. I would hope that we could get name from everyone and hold a vote for the best name as chosen by those in the fed.
    2. A change in power. This doesn't mean mutiny, guys, bare with me. I mean that every match, feud, story and show shouldn't be written up by one or two people. Most of us want to control our character and make whatever they're doing interesting, that's what I want. Afterall, the fedders make the fed, the fed doesn't make the fedders.
    3. Our own sub section. Forget Eminence Wrestling, FNW and BTB. This fed deserves it's own section and I'll tell you why below.
    4. Roster, contracts, character profiles. I think that it would be a hell of a lot easier for everyone to write if they could pull up a thread and find out all that they wanted to know about their opponents as well as keep everyone up to date on what their character is doing. I've also thought about giving our characters fighting styles and such to make it more realistic.
    5. Results. This is a huge part of what I would like to see. Not pages upon pages of results, but something to show the fedders that their work, be it good or bad was noticed. Possibly have secret polls on matches and have how many votes the match was won by determine how close the match is written in the results.
    6. Shows. I propose a show every two weeks. No SummerSlam, NoC or whatever, just a constant flow of fedding with a big show every 3 months or so. Titles would be defended regularly, of course. Perhaps in an EVOLVE style format?
    7. A voice for the people. Above all, I just want everyone to have the experience in IWT that they want to have and some people aren't having that experience because they feel that they're not being appreciated or heard. That should stop.

    inb4 Danielson and Kid is a work, I've heard of many others who aren't happy in this fed. Make of this thread what you will.
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  2. A new name? Not needed.

    I have always been a supporter of the "the fedders make the section" - When I ran IWT with Brit, people came to us with their ideas and stories. They created most of it and we helped them, or if we knew other people wanted to go in a similar situation we'd make a compromise. Once Dat Kid joined, he influenced the "corporate" style, where 'creative' created the storyline overviews and the fedders expanded on them. I'm cool with both stances, and so I didn't have a problem with how it went, and as their was little complaints if any, there was never a need to change back to the 1st style.

    Once the IWTBlog is finished, each character will have their own login, so they can publish their own "database" of their character, and keep a history of things. A 'character overview' if you will.

    Secret polls on matches and have how many votes the match was won by determine how close the match is written in the results. - I'm a bit confused with this bit. Explain more?

    Creative is currently working on a new schedule for shows. We're going to limit it to 6 PPVs, and an Uprising show every 4 weeks. We are also discussing the possibility of another show, similar to NXT, where the "undercard" talent get the spotlight, and will only have 3 matches (at most) on, to highlight their work. Having an Uprising show every 2 weeks will saturate the matches we can have as "big matches" at PPVs very quickly.

    Anyone who feels they're not being appreciated or heard can contact me. It's not like I'm going to post in public that they feel they aren't welcome and humiliate them or something, no. Everyone who takes part in IWT makes it how great it is. Not me, not creative, not one person. Every competitor as a whole, and they each have a vital role in IWT.
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  3. The reason that I suggested a new name is because it may influence people to who have left and it may bring in some new members if we hype up the debut of a new fed. Plus, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who thinks IWT is a bit of a lame name. Maybe from your perspective it's not needed, but from others it may be wanted.

    I'm not going to get into this too heavy because you've basically flipped the tables on what Dat Kid was doing to you earlier and that's blaming him for everything. A big problem with the two of you being in control is neither one of you are willing to take any responsibility when you guys fuck up which means that IWT has problems within its core. When I talk about giving this fed a makeover, it would mean giving Creative one too because obviously it's not working. Good to hear that you're open to new ideas though.

    No offence, but the IWT blog page looked like dog shit the last time I seen it. You're best off having profiles, results etc. in sub sections on this forum to keep everything together and give it a much crisper look. You give everyone an application to fill out and it'll look slick as hell on here. If we can get our own section for IWT, then there's really no need for the IWT blog page unless you're using it as an actual blog/newsletter.

    What I mean by secret polls etc. is instead of having people vote and letting them see who is winning while the voting is in progress (kinda kills the suspense) is to not show who are winning the polls and then reveal the winners in a results thread (per show). Results also benefit fedders because it also lets two fedders who are feuding come up with a scene together which could be posted in the results. Get what I'm saying? Having results to show the winners makes the matches much more important.

    I really don't see the problem with having a show every 2/3 weeks to be honest with you. Perhaps we could hold all of the matches on one week (giving people a whole week to produce 2 promos would mean that the standard would improve bucket loads), a week to write up results and a week's break before the next card is given out. If we held shows in a UFC/Evolve style format it would mean that no card would be looked at as a B card and having (just say) the tag team titles main event a show one week would up the prestige of them.

    This is good to hear, but a lot of people don't feel that way. Hence, they bitch on Skype and in other places.

    All I'm saying is I think I've found the solution to the little rut we've caught ourselves into lately. I probably should have put on a poll to get people's opinion, but I forgot to and can't edit the post. Anyone is free to post their opinions on my idea, no matter who you are.
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  4. I haven't. If you look at the thread I just posted, I'm the first to take the blame. I said to Dat Kid regarding me changing the NoC main event - "if it fucks up, it's my fault. I take the shit."

    But I have to say what I said because it's the truth. He did influence that style more, that's simply fact. It's not me not wanting to take the blame.

    When did you last look at it? www.iwtblog.pw - I know the logo is a bit fucked atm, but it doesn't look like "dog shit" - it looks clean and easy to read. At least IMO. But hey, it ain't done. I can change whatever people want changing. This is the issue, people say they want things changed but then don't give me suggestions on what to change, then bitch at me cause I didn't fix it :/

    I see, that makes sense and you're right that would be good, but that's an issue with Xenforo. I'd have to talk to Crayo or Solidus to see if they can work that. We could do it where by, I setup a link and it takes you to a PM with me. The title/message is already filled in, and you just have to click 'send' - I think that could work.

    We currently have a show every 2 weeks, yeah? Uprising/PPV/Uprising/PPV. - and already, just a few months into that, plans are becoming saturated on what users want to do. People don't want to drop down to the "lower" titles, and always want to stay near the top. Obviously some will negotiate but the majority won't. But I'll put this to creative and then a public vote.

    Well, I'm not a counsellor and I can only help people who come to me. Bitching on Skype isn't gonna get anything done, unfortunately. Unless you bitch at me on Skype.

    Honestly? I think a lot of this is being blown out of proportion by some. If I had quit and not Jabri, people wouldn't have cared, because most people have the issue with me, not how IWT itself is. But most aren't man enough to talk to me about it personally.
  5. I also have some ways of getting us new members if everyone is will to co-operate with me with something.

    EDIT - Who exactly is Creative because I have no idea atm? Also, I'm asking the members of the fed what they think, not for your filter to the powers that be. There's the potential here for a fucking awesome fed, but there's some basic shit which you guys are fucking up.

  6. PM me for that before posting it public, please.

  7. This is part of the problem, imo. It seems as though you need the final say on everything or you have to filter to what you'd like it to be. I get that you're GM, but all it is a fed list. There's not a whole lot to discuss about it.
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  8. It's not a case of having the final say, because you could post it public if you wanted too and there'd be nothing I could do apart from complain.

    I presumed it would be partnering with some site to gain members or whatever, and so stuff like that should be dealt with in private (in case it can't happen for one reason or another) before it goes public and people are upset/mad/whatever that it can't happen.

  9. Myself
    CrayJ Lee

    Although, Shadoxcity has joined recently and I've been there for like a month. CrayJ, I have no idea.

  10. It's scary that I didn't know that you and Danielson had anything to do with IWT until today. But yeah, why is there a creative team when people can create their own feuds with a higher success rate? Mind boggling stuff.
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  11. Organisation/general overview, really.
  12. I took a break from IWT and returned 3 weeks to 4 weeks ago.
    I've only posted in 3-5 different threads in that time concerning my storyline.

    As for the creative team statement. It's always been like that, but you have to PM Jonathan and pitch in your idea to see where we can take things off from there so it doesn't get clusterfucked.
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  13. Also, saying a higher success rate isn't necessarily true. There was a lot of matches where people just didn't show because it was shoddily organised by the members themselves. (a lot more no-shows than there is now.)
  14. I pitched my idea as a way of showing where IWT needs to improve though it seems as though the ones who were quick to bitch or leave have lost their voice. How convenient.

  15. *brain tries to comprehend statement... failed.*

  16. I can't say that I'm surprised that you don't understand 4 syllable words.
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  17. I meant this bit: "though it seems as though the ones who were quick to bitch or leave have lost their voice. How convenient."

    Are you saying that the ones who bitch or left, now when they have their chance to say something, they keep quiet because it's public?

  18. Pretty much. Either that or they'd rather whine and use scategoats instead of trying to find a solution to their problem.
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  19. 1) A new name I don't think will happen as Jono wants to make IWTBlog so I doubt a change will happen there. My personal opinion on the name is that I don't see anything wrong, I don't see the need to rename it because a few people left or because of new changes

    2) A change in power, I don't really see why this is needed considering a lot of people here control their character, take (can't remember his username right now) had a king gimmick and changed to Mike Boston. Jono is quite punctual on matches. I'd like to hear more on this George as I don't quite understand why it was suggested

    3) That I believe is up to admin. We can ask but it his decision in the end. I have seen a few feds with a layout that works. The most common ones are Arena, Talent, Backstage. I don't get why we need a section for contracts, and wouldn't character profiles go under roster? I think a little separation would be good so we can have matches and promos completely separate.

    5) I agree results is needed. People have tried to do this, Farooq made a thread like this and now Jono is having a crack with the whole blog.

    6) I also agree on shows, I would like to see IWT separate from WWE PPV's and make its own PPV's.

    7) Can you explain more on the voice point please?
  20. We're currently in the process of limiting the PPVs. They will be around the same time as WWE PPVs, but for example at MITB, it doesn't mean there will be MITB matches. Just a good time to have the PPV.