With Marafuji injured...

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  1. Who do you see ROH booking instead for Border Wars? Marafuji was supposed to be facing Richards but that is obviously a no go now with Marafuji out with what was described as a serious knee injury.

    Discuss. Who will ROH book instead?
  2. If its a NOAH guy then i would like to see Kotage he is a very good wrestler, also if not him then Nakajima is awesome, don't watch noah regularly so not sure if nakajima has a contract as he works for other companies.

    Most likely be a noah guy but i would love Hayto fujita jr to make appearance, he has a lot of intensity and is a good worker
  3. I've never really seen a lot of Fujita Jr's work so I couldn't judge. Kenny Omega would be a nice surprise as well.
  4. Yeah Omega would be nice and he has great Chemistry with davey. Ibushi would be a crowd pleaser as well.
  5. Just a example of Hayato work

  6. Omega has a history with RoH, he'd be a natural fit.
  7. Yoshinobu Kanemaru comes to mind.:gary:
  8. The replacement is official:

    The match should be good.
  9. Nice to see london back in ROH.
  10. Wonder if we will see London sticking around for a while or if it is only for the PPV and taping after. This reminds me, we will get London vs Elgin at the TV tapings the day after! :fap:
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