With Punk & Heyman now split... New Paul Heyman guy?

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  1. Now those two have split up, Heyman is back to just two clients (Axel and Lesnar), do you think they'll eventually give him another one? Should they?
  2. I'm fine with the current setup, but not sure if they want to shoot Axel up to the main-event now, and it's odd to only use Heyman in the midcard.

    Trying to think of good ME heels who need managers... lolADR
  3. They shouldn't give Heyman another new client,a new client would just take the spot light from Axel.
    If they intend on giving Heyman a new client then they should pick a guy in NXT who has the in-ring skills but lacks the mic skills,a guy like Ohno. Ohno would actually be the most logical choice,Heyman could talk him up in promos saying that Ohno has years of expierience and can knock anyone out with his elbow. Having Ohno as a Heyman guy could also make for one hell of a storyline if he were to turn on Heyman and feud with Axel for the I.C title. I'd love to see an Ohno/Axel feud.
  4. Vicky is due to manage someone. I think she will get someone before Heyman gets a 3rd.
  5. I think it's going to stay at 2. Basically substituting Axel with Punk
  6. Sure, why not? Heyman managing someone will instantly get them attention and seems like a good way to bring someone up from NXT (Ohno although he doesn't really need it mic wise if he's motivated, Neville as cocky heel high flyer would be nice but I'm not sure that'd happen in WWE, who knows) or someone who hadn't been used in a long while (like they did with Axel).
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  8. Yeah Ohno is a great talker.
  9. Well, he did tell Punk to STAY DOWN on Smackdown.

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  10. Vickie is GM on Smackdown now.
  11. I really should at least read about Smackdown... :haha:
  12. Hero should show that motivation from the beginning of the 2nd video down in NXT.

  13. ^ That
  14. He's good but not with the current gimmick he has among the WWE.
  15. That's more on Ohno though. He has been grossly unmotivated in NXT to do work.
  16. Corey Graves should be the new Paul Heyman guy he does look similiar to CM Punk
  17. Corey Graves is obviously a Punk rip off. You know with the tattoos and all.
  18. And to me lmao. Now seriously. I think he'd be a great Paul Heyman guy, but I don't really think that two are enough.
  19. I think/hope he will because after the Punk/Lesnar feud is over, Lesnar's gonna go missing off television for another x amount of months (probably till Wrestlemania season starts, which is as early as right after the Rumble) and I don't see Heyman being stuck with only sharing screen time with Curtis Axel until then. They've obviously already cooled on Axel's push to the top and it now seems like he's being positioned to be a permeant mid carder. I want Heyman to be involved with someone who has more potential and who I can imagine having a special moment with when the time comes for them to finally win the WWE Championship. Either that, or when said guy breaks away from Heyman and turns baby face and wins the world title on his own, he can hold it up to Heyman as a way of saying he didn't need Heyman to win this, he accomplished it by himself.

    I WOULD suggest that Heyman form sort of a modern day Dangerous Alliance stable with four guys or so but we already have The Shield and the Wyatt Family to rely on for dominant and dangerous groups. Don't need another (what's funny is that months ago, many of us thought Heyman and Punk were gonna be revealed to be behind The Shield and that the three of them might end up later becoming part of a larger stable with another added member or two rather than just their own three man group.)

    It would be ideal to introduce someone from NXT to be his new client. Maybe someone making the jump from TNA? There's guys there sending out "feelers" to WWE to take them and there was a handful who were just fired. I'm not familiar with most of these people but if WWE sees some kind of potential in them, they could partner one of them up with Heyman. I might also suggest Matt Morgan since he might be making his way back to WWE, but the idea of Heyman being the manager and mouthpiece for two different monsters doesn't sit right with me. Besides, been there, done that. He was already part of Heyman's 'clique' back in the day, and I'd want someone who was completely fresh and has had no prior on-screen interactions with Heyman.
  20. Leave em at 2. I could see them bringing up Kruger and putting him in there but there's no need.