Storyline Without Da Beacon...

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  1. *Emergency Council Meeting*
    Leo: We call this meeting to order on 2 occasions, first its an update on Alfred, sigh... last night at the vet Alfred died
    Council: Gasp!!!
    Leo: He is with the vulture now, *tear falls* I never thought I would see the day this would happen "sniff", but easy, no tears , The butcher and the one called Arab are to blame... now onto second order of business and that is Da Beacon's status on this council... He has no courage to show up here today?! He won't give us nice guitar and Metallica music? Why did we let him on here then, I vote he's done!
    Mike: Actually master, Beacon tore his right quad and he must rest for a few weeks.
    Leo: Oh... *meditates* I am so sorry Panda... *stops* anyway with Duggan gone for a while we lack the proper guidance, we are getting NO WHERE!!!! New guy! *Points at Arthur* Whats 2+2?
    Arthur: uhh... 6?
    Leo: NO! It's 5!!! See?! We have no guidance! No Powa! Nothing! We can't get anywhere! What is it we need?
    Jason: Another Bird?
    Leo: No!
    Susan: Grapes?
    Leo: Absolutley Not!
    Morty: String Cheese?
    Leo: You're kidding...
    Alex(Guy in the suit): Another War between machines?
    Leo: That's what Alfred stopped, never again!
    Mike: Uhh... a new bamboo victim?
    *Everyone stops talking, there is a long silent pause...*
    Leo:... ... ... ... ... my mash potatoes and gravy, YES!! That's it! We need a new bamboo victim! Someone to haunt and mess with in the head! Mike you thought of the idea! Bravo! Now you gotta take care of it!
    Mike: Me? Who am I suppose to find?
    Leo: Anyone! Now go now with a victim we can finally use the toilet of sin again!
    *Mike runs out*
    OOC: Bascially we are getting a rivalry with boston going...
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  2. OOC: Looking forward to it.
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  4. ASS :D
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