WM Match Card

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  1. Schedule :

    Sunday, March 31st:
    Intercontinental Championship: @"Senhor Perfect" vs @"Victoria Justice" (Promo Battle)

    Monday, April 1st :
    European Championship : @baraa vs @failfaceftw vs @rodrigo (Triple Threat Promo Battle)
    United States Championship : @NanoRah14 vs @"Respect Gohan6425" vs @"dat kid from jersey" (Triple Threat Promo Battle)

    Tuesday, April 2nd :
    Cruiser-weight Championship : @"Lady Deathbane" vs @FailFaceFTW vs @NanoRah14 vs @Baraa (Fatal Four-Way Promo Battle)

    Wednesday, April 3rd :
    DX Championship : @"Senhor Perfect" vs @Rodrigo (Predictions Battle)
    Tag-Team Championships : Parker & Rodrigo (@geekgoddess and @Rodrigo) vs Team Canada (@"Senhor Perfect" & @"cm punk")

    Thursday, April 4th:
    Heavyweight Championship : @"CM Punk" vs @"Dat LeoFarooq Deathbane" vs @"Stopspot" (Triple Threat Promo Battle)

    Friday, April 5th :
    WWE Championship :mad:"Senhor Perfect" vs Number One Contender (@"Dat Kid From Jersey" or @AidsJohnson ) (Promo Battle)
  2. Baraa and I for euro
  3. Thanks sir. :otunga:
  4. How about a tag match?
  5. Do not know yet
  6. If not thats fine. I don't expect people to want to do more then one match but the option is there.
  7. Will let you know when I know.
  8. Facing Victoria Justice for the IC strap a couple weeks before Mania, you could add it to the card though.
  9. Should look into someone having the spot claimed for who wins between you and victoria :)lol1:)

    Have a promo battle for it? I'm sure Rammy will be down, as he wants to be in WM so bad.
  10. You and gohan in a promo battle for the next IC title match @ Extreme Rules? Sounds good to me. You're both on RAW right?
  11. :lol1: i am taking your other title already, and plan on removing your DX belt and spray painting it black like the boss would do.

    I meant Randy vs someone who will need it, you know, like @"Dat Kid From Jersey" :obama:
  12. DX belt . Me vs Senhor
  13. :harvey:

  14. Aids you already know you're losing the match and like I reiterated before Randy is afraid to face me one on one in a promo battle.
  15. You haven't updated it. :pity:

    I am doing this to make a schedule anyways.
  16. I'll make this like a pre-show battle. :otunga:
  17. It's a prediction contest anyway, no voting will be needed or anything.
  18. Is it based off of the forum one for WM or are you guys doing your own thing?
  19. Making my own between Rodrigo and I.
  20. Okie dokie! Do you have a certain time you want to do it at? Like a day picked out, or are you just doing it the day of WM?