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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. I really like this song i give it a 10/10

    song i got a feeling or somthing like that lol
  2. I dislike all of the songs chosen to be honest. I hate how it gets all main stream but I understand why.
  3. It has a pretty nice tempo and beat if you ask me
  4. I like it. Flo Rida is good and MGK's song is the boss.
  5. The only modern pop song I enjoyed in the last 5 years for WM was "Cash Money" by Kevin Rudolf
  6. Limp Bizkit- My Way best WM theme ever
  7. Agreed, they are pure trash.
  8. Wait... @[Dolph'sZiggler] agrees with me?


    So happy right now.
  9. When don't we agree???
  10. Thats your opinion
  11. My opinions are fact.
  12. True. We're practically the same person.
  13. Did you miss my Miz praise tonight? I'm back on the bandwagon since he saved Ace the embarrassment of having to sell that abortion of a move the Cobra
  14. Why the hell is there three themes and why is one of them been recycled from Survivor Series?

    Invicible should be the ONLY theme.
  15. Rather have FLO RIDA/MGK than The Beatles on WM.

    American Music > UK Music
  16. Agreed fosho. :gusta:
  17. You must've liked this RAW very much. Too bad, you didn't join the discussion thread. But don't worry, we quoted your "HELL NO!" speech a lot in the discussion thread.
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