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  1. Both on there way, can't wait for F1 tomorrow :obama:
    Thanks to @[camartin5] for the £30 Amazon :emoji_slight_smile:



    Any americano's had the wonka gobstoppers? What are they like?
  2. Hahaha, you got the same interview? I didn't let her give me one tho. Much more awesome. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  3. Hopefully with those gobstoppers you'll stop posting bullshit.


    Had to, sorry.
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  4. You go CrayFag!
  5. Why not? $30 gift voucher for any website..

    I got £30 as I asked for it though :obama:
  6. I'm that nice. :emoji_wink:)
  7. nice picture! haha
  8. Think I had the gobstoppers from an American shop in town, they were propa tiny if I'm thinking of the right things. Kinda nice although I preferred Hershey's chocolate to anything else that and Pepsi Throwback.
  9. Cool story, bro.
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  10. THEY ARE REALLY LITTLE! :emoji_slight_smile:)

    One gobstopper lasts for 20 minutes. A packet can get you 7-8 hours of straight candy goodness!
  11. Look what just came...

    I ordered these 2nd class and they come before F1 which I paid 1st class for? Fuck sake. I'd rather F1 was here.
  12. Ordered 12 packets of Haribo Starmix and a big tub of these other Haribo sweets with my gift card :emoji_slight_smile:.
  13. Dang I was too nice. I want to buy stuff... :((
  14. Cool enough my brotha. :testify:
  15. Man... today I've ate: That whole box on Gobstoppers, 29g of sugar. A kit-kat chunky, 14g of sugar. A can of monster, 11g of sugar, a big bar of toblerone, 121g of sugar.

    175g of sugar.

    Is it possible to over-dose on Sugar? lmfao. Because I think I am.

    My head is spinnnnnnninnnnnnnnnnh.
  16. How much sugar is in semen? You forgot to add that.
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  17. Funny fucker. :pity1:
  18. NADA. But semen has 50 mL of calcium in every spoonful!
  19. Not surprised one bit that you knew that.