Words from Rock Bottom

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  1. *The cameras come on as Alkaline is sitting in the ring. No entrance theme playing, no pyro, just Alkaline. He's sitting in one of the corners, dressed in sweatpants, sneakers and a hoodie. In his hand he has a microphone.*

    AK: Have any of you guys ever hit rock bottom? Well if not take a good look, because you are looking at it.

    *fans chant “you got beat”*

    AK: Last week I was on top of the world, I held the world television company in my hands, I was set to make history in this company, taking on that senile old fool Perfect. I was going to unify his belt with my and change this company. But as you can see that didn't happen.

    *The fans keep chanting*

    AK: The old pervert beat me, I threw everything I had at him. Punches, kicks and even the kitchen sink. But some how the ancient bastard busted out some Gilgamesh style sneakiness and beat me. And I was the one stripped of my belt. I went from dining at the big boy table with the nice steaks and fine wines to the kiddy table with microwaved happy meals in the span of a night. Truly this is rock bottom.

    *The fans keep chanting but Alkaline gets up to his feet*

    AK: Oh smoke off will you! You can laugh all you want like the pathetic sheep that you are. It surely would break an average man. But I am far from average. A man weaker than me would call it a night. We've seen champions call it quits before in this company once they lost the belt. Christian, Dat Kid, even my injured tag team partner and best friend Eric Draven left after losing his belt the first time. They called it quits, they had enough. But not me. I'm not like most people, and I am not like other champions in this company. You knock me down I don't sit around and cry about it. If you knock me down you light a fire in me. A fire that burns brightly and is looking to consume this company and all within it. All you've done is spurn me since I joined the IWT. I came in here with plans and dreams to change it. Make it a respectable company instead of a madhouse run by retarded inmates. But it seems like the fans watching the madhouse are just as insane as the inmates in it. My dreams have been shattered, pissed on and broken. By each and every single one of you pathetic people!

    *the fans boo Alkaline*

    AK: You took my dreams from me. So I'll take your company from you. I'm not going to sit on my ass like a bitch, crying about lost opportunity. I'll get on my feet and fight my way back to the top. The kid's table is too small to hold me. I'll be back at the top one day. And then I will burn this entire company to the ground. Brick by brick I will tear it to pieces, all of your heroes will be slayed, as will your villains. And when I am done, when I am driving the final nail into the IWT's coffin you will all look up, and you will whisper “please, mercy”. And all I will do is laugh and say “No”. Because I ain't the mercy you have been screaming for, I am the inevitable end of all things. I am the only truth in this world, and I have come knocking on your door.

    Every week I will stand in this ring. And I will take one of your boys. I can be anyone, champion or not, man or woman. And I will fight them. I'll fight them until this company has to give me a title shot. And then the real fun begins.

    *Crowd boos Alkaline*

    AK: So if there is anyone out there with some cojones. Come on out boys! The king of the jungle is hungry for violence.
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  2. Farooq walks out onto the stage with a loud pop of cheers from the crowd. "You say you want a challenge? You want a title shot?" Farooq said as he raised the X Division championship. "I won't give you a shot for this championship, but I will fight you. If you want to prove that you deserve another shot at any championship, then you start by fighting a true championship, one that comes in every week and leaves everything in the ring. One that is not afraid to fight, no matter how many oppose me. Throw all you can at me, and I'll push through it. I'll accept your challenge." The crowd cheered loudly for Farooq as the began to chant his name.
  3. *Alkaline gets out of the ring and walks up to the stage. He stands face to face with Farooq and looks him in the eyes*

    AK: You're a brave man I'll give you that. But I hope you don't have a problem with high temperatures. Because this fire inside of me, is going to burn you to a crisp boy. See you Saturday.

    *Alkaline walks backstage as Farooq stands on the stage and the fans cheer for the upcoming match*
  4. Farooq stands on the stage looking out to the cheering fans. "I'll see you on the day of war then." Farooq says as he puts the X Division championship on his shoulder and walks backstage.
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