Words that sound like cursing but aren't

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  1. Found this list online. Some are kinda funny and others are meh. Either way, I had a laugh. What are some of your own words you use or can think of that sound like cursing/swearing but aren't?

    1. “Holy schnikes!”

    2. “Bob Saget.”

    3. “Shostakovich.”

    4. “Son of a motherless goat!”

    5. “Mother Pussbucket!”

    6. “Holy shitake mushroom!”

    7. “Son of rum puncher.”

    8. “Fahrvergnügen!”

    9. “What the fun!”

    10. “Gordon Bennett!”

    11. “Sweet blue blazes!”

    12. “Holy Shatner!”

    13. “Rigga, ragga, fragga!”

    14. “Who in the ham-fat?!”

    15. “Frak.”

    16. “Mice!”

    17. “Gorram.”

    18. “Poughkeepsie!”

    19. “For the Love of Benji!”

    20. “Dirty Cuss Word.”
  2. Ship and truck aren't up there, not impressed.
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  3. I don't give a fox
  4. Frankly my dude, I don't give a dam that you don't give a fox.
  5. You can just go truck yourself you self-riotous knicker. :bodallas:
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  6. That last one hurt, you sore.
  7. Well if apples were oranges, I just don't give a schist.
  8. Trump
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  9. Hells bells and buckets of blood
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  10. I read "frak" as "frick" which to me, sounds better so yeah... YOU CAN ALL GO FRICK YOURSELVES! :finger::finger::finger:
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  11. Rude! Idiot teenager!
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  12. :robbie:
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  13. Jewelry sounds offensive, lol. "Stop it with your Jewelry, you shill!"

    I'm drunk.
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  14. Peacock sounds offensive. Hard to believe they'd name an animal that.... :henry2: