Storyline World Championship Golden Ticket

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  1. A video begins with Jeff walking into Ryan's office. Ryan has an office apparently. Ryan is screaming and throwing stuff around, making a mess.

    Ryan: WHY?! WHY?!

    Jeff: What's wrong?

    Ryan looks at Jeff and sees that the camera is rolling, he stops and stares into the camera.

    Ryan: It was perfect. So gloriously perfect. I defeated I got beat by Ryan Davis an----

    Jeff: I got beat by Ryan Davis? Who's that?

    Ryan: *chuckles* That's Blackfire, or Darkness, or whatever he calls himself. Well, called himself! Ha! Past tense high five!

    Ryan high fives Jeff before continuing.

    Ryan: The stipulation was that if I won, I got to choose his new name. I won, obviously and now his name is I got beat by Ryan Davis. Anyways, I beat him and Jeff I didn't know this, but 1-0 isn't the best streak in this company.

    Jeff: I tried to tell you.

    Ryan: I don't understand.

    Jeff: Understand what?

    Ryan: At what point did you begin to believe I give a fuck about what you tell me? So, I went ahead and challenge Aids Johnson for the World title and before I got an answer, I was interrupted by this guy called Nick! It was foul! Foul! Foul! Foul! Foul!!!

    Ryan jumps in the air and lands on his back.

    Jeff: FOUL!

    Ryan jumps back to his feet and puts his face right into the camera.

    Ryan: Nick, you just gave me a foul, I get a 2 point shot so let me school you with these facts.

    Jeff: Check out my melody. You think you're special, you do, I can see it in you---

    Ryan: What the hell are you doing?

    Ryan pushes the camera down to where it's now facing the floor as the two continue talking.

    Jeff: It looked like you were about to say something epic and I wanted to provide some hype music to make this video memorable.

    Ryan: I mean that would've been sweet, but the thing is you can't sing.

    Jeff: You're mother's fat.


    Jeff: I hate you!

    Ryan: You're lucky you're my girlfriend's father's best friend's aunt's brother's 3rd daughter's second son or else you wouldn't be working for me. Now point the camera back up at me and we'll restart the spot.

    Ryan: Nick, you just gave me a foul, I get a 2 point shot so let me school you with these facts. One, I am undefeated and you aren't so I'm already better than you in that aspect. Two, you say you have a golden ticket for a world title match but Nick, do you really believe that I'll believe that? Do I look stupid? Golden tickets are for trips to Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory, not championship matches! Nick, I have to admit, I don't know anything about you but it doesn't matter because all anyone will know after our match is that you're just the second victim in Ryan Davis' road to the World title.

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  2. "Wrong, yet again my friend!"

    Nick turns on his own camera, placing it down and giving a smirk.

    "A foul does not award you a two point shot - either an inbound pass, two 1 point free throws, three 1 point free throws if it's off a shot behind the three-point arc, and one 1 point free throw if it's in continuation with a made basket. Good thing you're a wrestler, not a basketball player, right?"

    He cracks his knuckles and takes a deep breathe.

    "So I'm gonna school you here, with two 1 point foul shots for your foul you committed - claiming to be better than me. First, you may have a spotless record. But do you have a World Championship reign? Did you revive the X-Division? Did you win Money in the Bank? Did you ever main event a PPV? Have you ever faced someone that can form a proper sentence without stuttering? Alright, maybe I overstepped my line a little bit there. That was way more than just 1 foul shot there! Point is, you've done nothing in the IWT. Period."

    He reaches into his pocket and once again waves around the Golden Ticket.

    "Number two. Dreams do come true here, unlike that shithole company you were at before this. This is just like the chocolate factory! The Golden Ticket! But instead of leading to your demise, it leads to the promise land - the IWT World Title. Something that you shouldn't even be allowed to speak about. You better do your research kid, because I'm the next face of this company. I've paved the way for guys like you to even be here. You better show some respect, or I'm gonna beat it into you."

    Nick shoves the camera down, ending the video.
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