World Championship Wrestling Federation?!

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  1. This is a brief overview of a new BTB E-Fed that has to do with a conjoined WCW and WWF 1996 rosters and PPVs, this will be daily and you guys can choose to help out, Start a conversation for full details. Back on topic WCWF will have a daily episode where at least once a week there will be a poll for you to vote. below are the WCWF e-fed events and champions and other info! most the roster won't be used from either side, this will consist of midcarders-main eventers as the roster (sorry Leif Cassidy)
    WCWF Royal Rumble
    WCWF Super-brawl VI
    WCWF WrestleMania XII
    WCWF Uncensored
    WCWF Bash at the Beach
    WCWF King of the Ring
    WCWF Great American Bash
    WCWF Summer Slam
    WCWF Fall Brawl
    WCWF Halloween Havoc
    WCWF Survivor Series
    WCWF World War 3

    Titles and Holders:
    WCWF World Title: Shawn Michaels
    WCWF Intercontinental: Goldust
    WCWF US: Marc Mero
    WCWF World Tag Team: Steiners

  2. Well you're pretty much set for a few games.