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    "World Class Will Savat has been signed" -
    Will Savat the British wrestler has come from all around the world. He has wrestled in nearly all of the biggest promotions on the globe and before IWT Survival, Michael finally signed Savat to a contract. His debut is still unsure and he is yet to arrive at IWT HQ, however the self praised "Best in the world" is sure to make an impact when he arrives.

    The man is only 31 and he has held numerous titles in his career. Beginning at the age of 16 he was trained outside of London, where at the young age of 19 he flew off to Japan to set his sites on the gold there. He trained in the dojo's for nearly 4 years. During this time he impressed all the talent and fans out there with his toughness. Will Savat could hit as hard as anyone else, and his toughness prevailed as in 2010 he won the heavyweight title from their beloved Japanese hero.

    Once Will was confident enough in his own skills he took himself to the United States of America. With his stiff Japanese style, and his British technical style, he was quickly picking up wins against Americas best wrestlers. Savat went from fed to fed, taking titles and beating people up. He picked up fame on the indy circuit for being undefeated for nearly a year and a half. He has faced nearly everyone in the world, and he told us in an interview that "There is one place I have yet to step my foot in. They know who I am, they know what I do, they know what I will do. I am coming to IWT. And I will continue to take titles and prove to people that I am the best in the world."

  2. Did you mean Savat? Cos it sounds like Savate. Which is French Boxing/Kickboxing
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