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  1. [The arena goes black suddenly as a theme begins to play in the arena out steps a man wearing a silver suit and blue tie]

    >Savat: Well well well. I can safely say I have seen it all now. People of IWT, remember this moment. Remember the night that you all witnessed the great one step both feet onto the precious ramp of IWT. I come to you tonight to announce something special coming up. Michael specifically signed me because he knew what kind of man I was. He knew the caliber of my skill exceed everyone else here. But I haven't come out here to explain who I am. I wouldn't waste your time or mine with that because you have all heard my name by now.

    I have come from all around the world. I have held dozens of titles. I am a world class athlete unseen before. Now I am sure you want to know why I took my ace skills to this little company. See Michael knew what I want, Michael understands what makes this world spin. Money.

    I woke up to a fat wad of money just because I signed a sheet of paper. What did this paper entail? Well quite frankly...
    It's nothing important. The only thing that is important is that I have finally arrived. 2 hours ago my plane touched down and I took my first steps as an IWT Superstar. Now I would love to keep talking great people but unfortunately, I am not being paid enough to entertain you fat soulless morons.

    [The crowd quickly booed the new superstar]

    >Savat: See you all boo. You all hate being told the truth because you cannot handle the truth. You are all too insecure. It's probably why you won't being able to stomach the fact that I am better than everyone else in this company, no in this world.

    [The crowd even more disgusted at Savat]

    >Savat: Keep booing because unlike you I know the truth. I know I am the best. It is a fact and facts are true. I have held the belts, I have knocked out champions. Whether you like me or not this is what I do. So you can continue to boo me people. I will continue to grab gold.

    [Savat chucks the mic on the floor as he smirks. He takes a good look around at the crowd before he walks back behind the curtain and into his ride where he heads to his hotel]

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