World Title Match - CM Punk vs Dean Seabsrose - IWT Payback

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Who is your winner?

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  1. CM Punk

  2. Dean Seabsrose

  1. The first and longest reigning champion in IWT history has been on a path of dominance. Victory after victory has been the story of World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk. Without an challenger for the upcoming PPV an impromptu match has been made, putting him against a former WWE Champion. CM Punk takes on Seabs in a one on one match this Sunday. Has CM Punk finally met a challenger who has his number?

    World Heavyweight Championship
    The following contest is a 3 promo battle match and is for the World Heavyweight Championship!
    -Both competitors will have 3 promos each and 24 hours to submit them both
    -No pictures, videos, or live stream is allowed in the contest
    -At the end of the promo period an additional 24 hour will be used for voting polls.
    -The person with the most votes will be the winner.

    The match begins now! If you're ready to vote before the 24 hours is up for promoing, let me know.
  2. I'll let the Champion go first it seems only fitting since the odds are this doesn't end with consent.
  3. Shut up bitch. Go first.
  4. Champion always starts dickbrain.
  5. You posted first so start first dammit.
  6. so far two really big thumbs up both your asses. #Pussies.
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  7. Champion's choice. You're first
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  8. Fucking bitch ass trawlers, fine then.

    **Eric Draven walks to the ring holding a pink cocktail with an oversized umbrella in it. He's wearing a flower patterned pink shirt and his wrestling gear the stubble has grown thicker on his face now, his eyes look darker than before.**

    *The crowd begin to boo as he enters the ring*

    ED: Christian, Christian, Christian. Mr IWT World's Champion. The only consistent since this federation was formed has been you holding that title. The WWE title has gone from Respect to Greatness to perfection to a disease and now it's held by some guy from Jersey. In the meantime you've squashed every single competitor from Gohan to Baraa and back again. You've taken them all and held that title up high.

    *The crowd pops for every mention of the former champion except for Aids who get's no reaction.*

    ED: Yet you can't even hold your head high, I look into your eyes and you disgust me. You've squashed your opponents who've been hand picked to be fed by you.

    *Draven stares into the camera now, his bloodshot eyes are coming into focus.*

    ED: Once again my psyche is being twisted by the people in power, they'll manipulate me day in and day out so I don't know friend from foe. I'll lash out at my friends and cause my family to abandon me. You see though all scars can be healed and families can be replaced all we need is your world's championship. We need it to complete our collection. We need to end this to save ourselves.

    *Draven begins to pace madly now his voice grows louder and faster, almost into a shout*

    ED: Salvation is the only thing that will destroy these demons, salvation is my lasting rest, salvation is Eric Draven as your new World's heavyweight Champion.

    *Draven stands in a crucifix pose awaiting his opponent.*
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  9. Aids liked my post = life complete.
  10. Jonathan can I do another promo while I'm waiting for CM Punk to reply
  11. Hey, hey, HEY! Nothing you can say! nothings gonna change... oh... wait... you're telling me... alright, so this isn't relevant to anything? Got it.
    Alright Eric Maven, what I and yourself have in common is that both you and I defeated Gohan... woopdie freaking doo! I faced your other half Alkaline along side with a former United States Champion Farooq at Wrestlmania. And If I remember correctly, it wasn't hand picked and I walked out victorious.


    That's right! I slapped the man out of both of them, which makes sense considering you are Alkaline's OTHER HALF! And you come out here, pretending to be a HUGE ass threat to me while dressing up as Strawberry Shortcake.

    *No one in the crowd laughs and Christian looks embarrassed

    Yeah, I know it's funny! Look at Eric Sabin rolling around on the mat.

    Now let me ask you something, Eric Cave-in... do you even 181 days and counting? I mean, I've been holding this baby for nearly half a year while you were giving a lap dances to Britanica and her cats. I'm sure she enjoyed it, no doubt no doubt, but here's where I shed some light on this whole situation. Conspiracies revolve around this company and you should know about it. And the current plan is for the great Christian to lose the World Heavyweight Champion in a hard fought battle...

    *Crowd boos

    That's right, but it's okay! Because I've shown my frustrations with this company as well, and it doesn't seem to be going the way I had proposed. Now Eric Haven, listen up. There have been a great list of IWT Champions in this company like... ... ...(loading)


    (Unable to retrieve great IWT Championship list)

    I see. I'll change it up a bit. There has been, a list of IWT Champions in the IWT, but none hold bar to bar with Christian. Because Christian has made this company! Not BritCatina, not Jonerfin and definitely not Dat Kid. I have... me, myself and I have created this global sensation which is the IWT. No one has accomplished 181 consecutive days on holding this great world title, while the IWT Championship has been thrown around over and over and over!

    This is different Eric...
    You will NOT be leaving with my championship which I carry oh so proudly. You will leave broken, shattered and dead...
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  12. Yep, you can do your promos any way you want.
  13. OOC / NIC / IANPAAGATTPDLTAYV : I'm so disappointed pics are banned I had the perfect shot of Davey running across the ring in a pink shirt saying no one touches my boyfriend. Note to self post during title celebration.
  14. You writing the promo?
  15. Yeah got two tabs open, gimme 5 minutes?
  16. Yeah, I'mma grab some food then.
  17. ED: Your defeat of Alkaline was a road bump on plan A, that's why we have re-grouped into a stronger collective. We've battled through obstacles you've never even seen, you've never been given the shot of desperation running through my veins. The very adrenaline which has haunted me for the past month, the one that won't let me sleep, the one that won't let me's the very same which fuels me into destroying the symbol of Christian and everything that title has come to stand for.

    *The crowd sound bemused by Draven's rant*

    ED: You can go on and throw out your little jokes, your little cries are nothing but paper aren't they? Every day there are people like you who love to act like they've been through turmoil, they've been through hardship for sympathy. Yet when there is a man who's battled through the oppression and the depression in search of his illumination, a man who has found out his path was built on deceit and ended up creating his own path.

    *The crowd begins to boo Draven now, it's gtfo heat though.*

    ED: You people then lie about me, you call me delusional, you call me crazy, you say Eric Draven isn't fit to compete. That's why I'm desperate to crush the dreams you have, I will defeat Christian without jokes, without songs and without any gimmicks. How do you plan to stop the man who's here to enlighten everyone in the IWT? The human mind is the greatest and most manipulated weapon and me? I'm here to free it. My people are here this is my time, this is my jungle and you? You're just the king of the bottom feeders.
  18. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's all my ears heard.
    How is this man going to carry this company with such an attitude as that? I am your reigning and defending World Heavyweight Champion and I deserve respect!
    Like bro, do you even lift? You'll have to, considering this championship around my waist holds the entire weight of this entire company.

    Now what you've gotta do Draven, is to...

    Step 1: Go back home
    Step 2: Go to sleep
    Step 3: Never, and I mean NEVER, wake up

    Because I am sick and tired of this bullshit. I am tired of carrying this company, I am tired of the IWT and I am sick and tired of all you people.

    *crowd boos

    Yeah, I'm going to become a bad guy when I decide, not when the system decides. When I decide! I'm tired of having to go to Britanica's office and witnessing it to be the wild zoo in which I work at, I'm tired of having people demanding title shots without proving they deserve it, which fits Baara, Gohan and you Draven. I'm sick and tired of this shit. I signed up for Professional Wrestling, not a circus! I kept this place in tip top shape and kept the reputation high so you guys wouldn't sink beneath the sea. But after giving you guys 6 months of my career, I've realized that, that isn't going to change.

    *points at championship belt

    You want this championship! Well prove it by actually being competition!
  19. *Eric Draven turns to the corner and begins rubbing his head repeatedly. He then collapses into the corner facing towards Christian*

    ED: Christian... the voices.... they won't stop... help me.... the screams....the pain I've caused every day... I...see...all of their...faces....their sweet...little....faces....covered in blood and fear.

    *The crowd once again begins to boo*

    ED: These voices have consumed me. I am nothing but the darkness now.

    *Draven lifts himself up using the ropes for support before launching himself at Christian, stopping as they are face to face*

    ED: You wanna hear a secret, Christian? I love these voices, they've given me the freedom to get away from the myths that monsters aren't real. They've showed me that monsters are real, they're deadly real but they aren't the man in rags who steal our souls. It's the people in the suits, the people in the powerful positions who pick their favorites then... then they suck them dry, they steal their dreams and take them to the bank. I am no longer begging these people for a shot, I've taken it and soon... you'll feel the same. Christian by destroying your obsession for keeping that title I'll save your morality. You and me, we're from the same family.
  20. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, RANDALL KEITH ORTON!
    I mean... ERIC DRAVEN!

    You're right Eric. I am just like you. I hate this company, I hate these people and I have voices in my head that tell me three words.

    Demolish, Conquer and Destroy!

    And that's what I choose to do! Because that's who I am and that's what I do!

    *Gets out of ring
    *Grabs random fan and beats him up

    No that wasn't a plant provided by the company. That was the real deal! I like to hurt people and I won't stop till I get enough!

    Tin-eh, Teoun,Tin-eh, Teoun,Tin-eh, Teoun, tun-tun-tun,Tin-eh, Teoun,Tin-eh, Teoun, OOOOOH!

    Now Draven, are you on my list bro? No, you aren't, so consider yourself lucky bro.

    Christian's inner thoughts: Kill him
    Christian: Too tired.
    Christian's inner thoughts: Kill that son of a bitch
    Christian: I'm going to bed

    Unlike you, I control my voices.