Worst Booking Decision of 2015?

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  1. Depending on who you ask, WWE made a good number of awful booking decisions last year. Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble instead of Daniel Bryan, Sting losing his first-ever WWE match, Kevin Owens failing to win the United States Championship from John Cena (and even worse, ADR being the one to go over Cena cleanly to win it instead), Lesnar losing to The Undertaker (tainted victory or not), Sheamus winning and cashing in MITB, The New Day briefly losing the tag titles to Prime Time Players all because Titus won a Father Of The Year reward that no one cared about, etc.

    If you could change only one booking decision that happened in 2015, what would it be? Mine would be Owens not winning the US Title from Cena at either Battleground or Summerslam. Cena going over KO at Money In The Bank followed by Owens hitting him with the apron power-bomb was fine, but I would have booked a no contest at BG and then booked a Last Man Standing match between them at SS with KO going over and winning the belt. Kevin Owens was the perfect person to dethrone Cena of the title, don't know why he didn't.

    Note: This is obviously a WWE question only. Leave your Indy/Japan shit in the appropriate sub-forum. :cool:
  2. Seth Rollins
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  3. I'm talking more about singular booking decisions, not just the way someone was generally handled.
  4. Well, KO not winning the feud with Cena springs to mind.
  5. Not turning Ambrose or Reigns heel at Survivor Series. They really could of a had the storyline of the year with that one.
  6. Oh singular?? Anything pertaining to bray.
  7. Not turning Cena heel yet. It should have happened. It need to happen. Dammit. :why:
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  8. Rollins by far the worst, he deserved that slammy though, he put up with the shit and kept showing up, respect
  9. Oh the IC Chamber match, even tho it was an accident it still looked like it can be worked better
  10. Definitely Bullet Club vs Kingdom
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  11. Calling up the NXT girls
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  12. So according to you, a bad booking decision is when they don't cater to the iWC constantly.. You shouldn't have mentioned Daniel Bryan winning over Roman Reigns, that comment made you seem like a mark.. Sting is not in WWE to win any matches, he's 50+ year's old.

    Man, some of these comments you made proves the fans don't know shit about wrestling.. No wonder everyone in WWE hates the IWC.
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  13. Having Bryan in the Rumble.
    Kevin Owens lose their SS match.
    Making useless Diva stables.
  14. I opened my post by saying "Depending on who you ask...", clearly letting you, the reader, know that I was listing a general number of decisions that I've read several different people saying they thought were bad, not just my own. I didn't have much issue with half the things I listed. Hurr.

    And the idea that "everyone" in WWE hates the IWC is a false generalization. Most wrestlers have the sense not to distinguish between different types of wrestling fans just because some of them happen to post on the internet.
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  15. That's a strawman if I ever heard one. Just because one person here comments that they think a booking decision was bad in no way means they are saying that a bad booking decision is simply a case of WWE not catering to the IWC. It's a completely subjective question and you really cannot make the assumption that this is in any way what people are doing.

    And this is to people in general, not you. Please stop with the IWC bullshit. Anyone who talks about wrestling online is part of this omnipresent IWC. It's just a buzzword acronym that wrestling fans who truly think they know more than anyone else use to put down people who have a different opinion than they do. If I never hear another person bitch about the IWC I'll have a great rest of my life.
  16. It. Does. Not. Need. To. Happen.

    For Cena to turn heel everything needs to be aligned.

    Cena turning heel isn't going to be some groundbreaking Hogan turn, revitalizing the industry.
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  17. I don't think anyone thinks that lol

    edit: but it would take a horribly boring character and give people a reason to care. I haven't watched WWE much at all over the last 2 years but if I heard Cena had turned heel on PPV I would tune in to the opening of Raw for sure.
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  18. Not having Kevin Owens win the rubber match and US Title from John Cena. And this has nothing to do with the "IWC" liking Owens more than Cena or anything like that. Anyone who knows me knows right off that I have NEVER been a fan of Kevin Steen. I just never cared for him. I knew his matches were good and he was pretty good performer, but he just never caught on with me.

    It has to do with the fact that Owens had an amazing first half of the year. He was rolling over everyone. It was right after the second loss to Cena that he began slowing down and his character hasn't regained the overpowering presence it had during the first half of the year. I've known the guy all his career and for the first time I was interested in seeing him.

    Kevin Owens was working great as a classic heel. Yeah, he had a faction of anti Cena fans and loyal KO fans behind him. But he was behaving appropriately for a heel and basically not giving a fuck about the people who liked him. If they had continued to push him the way that they did, WWE would be in a much better place booking wise than they are now. They don't really have a top, dominating, truly evil. Owens lost too much momentum and it all began after that loss.
  19. Oh I agree with your edit. It would make something with his very stale character. But I also think that if they were to turn him, they need to do so in a way so that he actually generates proper heat. Because I think if he just goes heel, a lot of the people clamoring for it will be left going "Well...he's a bad guy now. Now what?".

    And outside of ending the streak. I really struggle to think of a way that really makes John Cena into a super bad guy
  20. Joining ISIS?
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