Worst FLOPs of all time

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  1. Watching the Clippers play last night inspired this thread. I don't know how they can live with themselves. Yea you get some calls but you are the jokes of the fucking league with this shit.
    I genuinely hate Chris Paul's guts. Go play soccer, pussy.

    Paul even flops at refs


    At least Reggie Evans ain't a Clipp no more

    Griffin the worst doe. Hate this oversized goon flopping pussy bitch made mother fucker



    David Lee's advice:

    Stop flopping

    Soccer bonus:

  2. Fucking hate this shit. It's why I can't watch soccer at all. Bunch of little girls.
  3. Flake Griffin and Christine Paul need to be blacklisted from the league
  4. Decided to look it up on YT and LOL

    Isn't he considered one of the best in the league too? :pity1: :pity1: :pity1:
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  5. Yep, but he is such a little bitch.
  6. Flopper chants @ Flake

    C-WEb doesn't respect this little pussies flopping

    Blake Griffin you are fucking BITCH MADE
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  7. "Is Black Griffin a ****?" L M A O
  9. That rivals Bosh(botch)asauraus
  10. The LA Floppers make the Heat look like the 91 Pistons by comparison.
  11. [​IMG] It was a foul, but lmfao CMON MAN
  12. [​IMG] Apparently Melo has more power in his elbow than James has in his whole body.
  13. Flopping is so fucking gay. Goddamit. Keep that shit in soccer :facepalm:
  14. those are at least fouls that LeBron is SELLING. There is a difference between selling a foul to get the call and creating phantom calls with complete flops. IMO. LeBron has to sell because he is such a physical beast that if he doesn't they won't call shit against him and he will be getting hacked all game.

    That's how I see it at least
  15. I don't think the second one was a foul, but my original post was about Bosh.

    [​IMG] Him and Blake are rivals for the worst flop of all time. That was my point yo
  16. how is it not a foul lol? Both hands in LeBron's back and full extension of his right arm with the shove. offensive foul going the other way at any level of basketball