Worst songs ever

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  1. post shitty songs here

  2. sickest song ever.
  3. Any song my JB is pretty much Le Trash. :pity:
  4. lol'd a comment.
    - Ewww why the fuck are you talking about masturbating on this video? No one does? that

  5. hater :sad1:
  7. :smug::otunga::lol1::obama::idontcare:
  8. really hate this song.

  9. Any new Linkin Park songs.

    Seriosuly, wtf happened?


    Any new Linkin Park songs.

    Seriosuly, wtf happened?
  10. I hate anything released by Bieber, most Dubstep. Obviously my views only as they're pretty successful.
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  12. There aren't any bad songs on this planet.

  13. I actually love this song :obama:
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  14. TRy getting to 30 seconds. Good Luck
  15. Welcome to viral marketing brother.
  16. No. :pity1:

    Here's why I don't buy that music isn't objectively measurable in quality 100%;

    I appreciate that what music you enjoy really does come down to simple taste, I am not disputing this. But insisting that all music is equally "good" puts anything Nicki Minaj ever wrote in the same league as anything by, let's say, Bach or Wagner. I admit this scale is not easily measured (rarely is, actually), but surely we can accept that there is some fairness in saying that maybe Beethovens 5th is superior to ''Stupid Hoe'', and that is just a fact, regardless of whether you enjoy one more than the other.

  17. Ditto, fuck the haters. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  18. My heart will go by celine dion
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