Would you debut Ambrose on SmackDown?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Would you have Ambrose debut on SmackDown or RAW? Post why :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Since most people perform in both shows, I think I'd have him debut on Raw so it has a bigger impact, due to being live and still being the #1 show in their minds. But I'd balance his matches well between the two brands, giving him some good time on SD every week so he can get over and such.
  3. I'd put him on Raw, simply because Smackdown already has new talents in Sandow, Cesaro and Ryback.
  4. RAW if he was completely ready with his character. You see Sandow on Smackdown but he hasn't shown his true colors yet but I have a feeling if he debuts on RAW then he will be a big main eventer most likelhy.
  5. Raw 1000th episode!!
  6. Depends if he's ready character and mic wise. If he is then RAW, if not then Smackdown. Seems as if all the new talents that haven't completely fit into their characters are put on SD. With saying that though, Tensai is on RAW, and Sandow is on SD...
  7. Mic wise? He's already one of the best in the company lol.
  8. Is he a heel or face? If he's a heel and if Foley is on 1000th he should debut there and attack him and start a feud with him!!!
  9. Natural heel.
  10. Really? Never actually heard the guy :O
  11. Joker-style heel. I really want him to be booked as someone who sort of giggles when he gets attacked, but isn't just batshit crazy but a smart-batshit crazy.
  12. I would never debut Ambrose just to troll Crayo.
  13. FU. You'll mark as hard as me when Ambrose debuts.
  14. Never knew D'Z was an Ambrose fan.
  15. I'm not lol. Don't watch FCW and ignore all the hype surrounding him.
  16. Trust me, you'll mark.
  17. I really won't.
  18. I'm going to shit on his debut just to piss you off.
  19. Lol implying I'll read any of your gimmick posts when Ambrose debuts :haha: