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  1. die of Aids

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  2. live in Cleveland

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  1. I'm going to have to go with die of Aids. I mean, in cleveland you are likely to catch AIDS anyway... so why not just die of AIDS somewhere that ISN'T Cleveland?

  2. Voted die of aids :ksi:
  3. Bro that's not how you play "Would you rather?"
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  4. Can I pick mildy ill in Hoboken?
  5. You can die of Aids in Hoboken if you want. Still a lot better than living in Cleveland and inevitably dying of AIDs there eventually anyway.
  6. Deal!
  7. I only live an hour and twenty mins from cleveland. So i'd rather live in Cleveland :obama:

    Funny vid though.
  8. Miz is from Cleveland. Naturally I'd rather live there.
  9. WOuld you rather be with me.... or would you rather be with that fatass Somo Joe? :steiner:
  10. Voted and it's not like I wanted to go to Cleveland.
  11. Cleveland would be a step up from my current city. I prefer overcast to sun which is the 1 benefit that sells me for cleveland
  12. Samoa Joe. :dawg:
  13. Cleveland, so I could watch a guy yell at the stadium in bitter rage every weekend.

    Such an improvement from my current living conditions...

  14. hi :otunga:
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  15. Dolph Ziggler is also from Cleveland :obama:
  16. Notice he got the fuck out.

    Danny there is a reason you are a NY sports fan and not CLE lmao
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