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  1. The crowd gives a loud pop as Aids Johnson comes out, wearing his Brewers' blue attire dancing a different tune.
    Aids stops and walks down stone faced into the ring, holding a microphone in his hand.

    Cut my track of the night BECAUSE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BOYS AND GIRLS THE CHAMP! IS! HEEERRRREEEE!! (crowd boo loudly)

    Soft as baby shit? Paper champion? Words of the past. You all were there to witness Victoria Parker's final chance at MY title at the RR, and there is no one, NO ONE in the IWT Universe who can take that moment from me. Ching Ching, Bling bling, from the ring around my finger to the title I hang over my shoulder, IWT HAS AIDS! And there is nothing anyone can do about it. Nick, Spawn, the fluke Royal Rumble winner who doesnt deserve his name spoken, bow to the King!

    @Tsar let's cut the formalities, and you can come out here and tell the world that the man that let you lean on his shoulder is carrying this business better than this sorry sack of shit here in DETROIT MICHIGAN! Aidsey, you've done it again *slapping the IWT title* now come out here and declare me as the Main Event at Wrestlemania so we can move this forward. @Shadow wants to talk about his prestige in the IC belt division? I'll give all the credit in the world, you represent the midcard like no one else could, and truth be told if I was struggling in the midcard I'd kill for an opportunity at your belt, or even just to face you.

    Thankfully, I'm not. Mr IWT doesn't midcard, and the smarks can pop for whatever match they want. Someday when you see real gold, you'll understand. I'm not the heavyweight champion, not the IC champion, not the 5 belt holding Farooq champion - I am THE IWT Champion, and while hating may get you headlines, everyone needs to bow and try to keep on the true Champion's good side. (Crowd boo)

    So FTJ, Spawn, Nick, any one of you spineless dogs come get some! Soft as Babyshit!? Come find out for yourself.
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  4. This was made to tell FTJ to fuck off and try to setup our match Shadow.