Storyline Wrestlemania ain't the same without Aid

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  1. IWTmania returns from break with the college band filling the entrance area. They begin with the bigger horns, before setting up the titantron as Aids Johnson walks out to a huge pop.

    Aids stops at the top of the ramp to do his cheap salute before running down and sliding into the ring, Aids hits the corners to more cheap pops before grabbing a microphone and walking into the center of the ring.

    What is the biggest event of the year without Aids Johnson!? *Crowd pops* I cant remember the last time I won, but I know just the opponent to take the 1-2-3 for old Aid' last "big" moment. @Dat Kid you scared son? Let's finish whwat we started. I took your first look at gold away from you, and you stole all the rookie talent who ever came my way. I'm about to prove to the world I am always a threat. First you, next, Joey Bryant.
  2. Nothing happens. A camera stares at the unmoving Wrestlemania stage (cause IWTmania is a stupid name). Camera cuts to individual people at the crowd who are looking and waiting, still nothing.

    And then the lights go out. The crowd pops as flashes of lights from cameras illuminate the stage. Nothing happens as the arena stays in complete darkness.
    Purple searchlights on the top of the arena one by one with each tick of the clock in Dat Kid's theme as if they arena itself was a clock. Billows of smoke shoot up from the stage, making a curtain of smoke and a purple light begins to fade up.

    A sihoulette in the purple smoke is scne as the shadow grows larger. Jesus wept hits and the smoke begins to dissipate. 10 seconds pass and the crowd realizes the stage is empty.

    Dat Kid's music abruptly stops playing.

    Dat Kid appears on the titantron via Skype. He's wearing a velvet robe and slippers. He's got a bottle of Sunny D in his hand.

    Did you think calling me out a few minutes before the next match would be enough to lure me out of retirement Aids. I've seen Roadster give better attempts at trying to get me in a match than what you just did. I mean, did you honestly expect me to even be in California?

    What the fuck do I look like spending time in a city who's cluttered highways only rivals it's cluttered STD per square mile ratio. I mean, that place has got a smog problem too, so Aids why don't you shut the fuck up and stop spewing all that bullshit into the atmosphere.

    You want to act like Wrestlemania isn't the same without you. You haven't been IWT Champion in how long? It's true, this year's Wrestlemania is a pile of shit, but you know what they say trying to clean shit with shit doesn't work.

    Aids, I'm going to be honest with you for a second. You're the reason I retired. It wasn't some faggot named Drake and it wasn't part time Charlie who put the nail in my coffin, it was you. See, because what you are and what you represent is stubborn idiocy.

    You're like a feeble old woman with dementia, wandering about the streets looking for the family that forgot about her. Just like these people have forgotten about you.

    You main evented the first Wrestlemania and now 2 years later you're so desperate for a match that you have to knock on the door of a retired man to get one. See the reason I retired is because I didn't want to become that. The reason I retired is because I didn't want to become YOU. So why don't you save what's left of your dignity and climb out of that ring and never come back, just like I did.
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