Wrestlemania Competition - Your Chance To Win $$

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  1. Thanks to my good friend @leojay we are able to host a Wrestlemania competition this year. He has kindly donated $20 to the site to fund it. Everyone go rep him for his contributions!

    This is real money, and not site money. You will be paid via PayPal if you win.

    How do I win?

    It's simple. We are splitting it up so the prediction contest winner gets $10, and the top poster in the discussion thread will also get $10. If you win the contest and are the top poster, you will get $20.

    If I so happen to win the prediction contest, I will give it to second place; same applies for the discussion thread. I don't want it.

    Thanks again to Leo, and good luck everybody!
  2. Wait, real cash? :dafuq:

  3. Mine as well just give it to me now.
  4. $10 real cash? Firstly thanks to @leojay, you sell them BC's? :emoji_wink:

    Great Idea to get more participants:obama:

    Good luck to all!
  5. almost did when it crashed, but it stabilized at $130 so I'm still waiting

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    I'm greedy, aren't I?
  6. Haha, nope, make the most! :obama:
  7. REAL CASH?!
  8. Yes real cash. I should note we will be paying out via PayPal, and if the winners can't use that then it will have to go to second place (and so on and so forth).
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  9. Cannot be online. Another option to become a legend that vanishes
  10. You might win the prediction contest :emoji_slight_smile:.
  11. Gruss I am out. I don't have a paidpal and never will. :sad:
  12. :woo1: Very cool idea. Expecting lots of spamming in the discussion thread. :haha:
  13. In before people are posting every move that is made:

    A punch!

    What a kick!

    He took 13 steps to get from the ramp to the ring.



  14. @Lacky
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  15. Has to be done if real monies is on the line!
  16. The thread will be broken in 10 minutes :lol1:
  17. So how long will it take before Hoss takes the site offline so he can win?
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  18. @"Big Hoss Rambler" -- such a tader.

    Whilst spam is almost inevitable in the discussion thread, I do think the mark out moments will be awesome. I remember survivor series was the same, but all of us (especially me :sad:) were typing in caps and marking the hell out when Rollins & Ambrose came along. It'll be like a party atmosphere.
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  19. Alright, let's try to win it then.
  20. My Wrestlemania preditions: John Cena def The Rock, The Undertaker def Cm Punk, Triple H def Brock Lesner, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show def The Shield, Ryback def Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggled & Big E Langston def Team hell no, Jack Swagger def Alberto Del Rio. Well that's my predictions.
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