WrestleMania Wrestlemania Fail Moments

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  1. Anyone notice any botches in Wrestlemania 28.
    Just list some you noticed.
    For one Pyro was a definite fail.
    Another would be during the Hall of Famer's it said Class of 2009.
  2. They meant that the Hall of Famer Howard Finkel was inducted at the class of 2009.

    It was on the graphics with his name on it right?

  3. Was it? I'll check again.
  4. Yeah.
  5. A year long build ending with Cena just sat on his arse on the ramp and Sheamus beating Bryan in 18 seconds. Also Shawn's pyro.
  6. Brodus Clay...
  7. Clay, pyro, Bryan Sheamus...

    Also when Rock was in a bearhug from Cena you heard him call DDT out, surprised that hasn't been mentioned!
  8. Probably my stream. I expected more from Punk and Jericho tbh.
  9. That wasn't a fail, that was one of the highlights of Wrestlemania.
  10. Shawn's pyro fail was the worst, it was so humiliating.
  11. ^He handled it pretty well I thought, such a shame that it had to happen when it did!
  12. That was hideous.
  13. I doubt he even knew. He's arguably the guy who needed the most fireworks, it's been his entrance for ages, and it just pumped out smoke lmao.

    Taker's pyro was pretty awesome as was HHH's.
  14. Hbk's pyro was NOT a fail, you guys just didn't notice that instead of the pyro going off on the ramp like normal, they had the pyro up on the top of the stadium. Try re-watching the video.:gusta:

    Did anyone notice Jericho scratch CMPunks head after tapping out?
  15. Oh and they failed at bleeping out Rock saying Fuck !
  16. I noticed that too... :emoji_confused:/

  17. Justin Gabriel's moonsault from the apron. He couldn't hold his balance the first time.
  18. Spanish announcers table didn't get broken :emoji_slight_frown:
  19. ... Maybe you should rewatch it. We know it came out of the top, but nothing came out. It was shooting nothingness. It was just gun shots basically. No fireworks, nothing.