Wrestlemania Glory

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  2. I found Wrestlemania XV to be pretty shitty overall, but the main event was awesome. It was the culmination of six months of hell that Austin went through to finally reclaim his WWF Championship after being 'screwed' out of the title at Breakdown 1998. What Daniel Bryan had to endure and go through beginning in the Summer of last year till WMXXX of this year was pretty similar, all things considered.

    Also, the thing I loved about Austin vs Rock was how in the beginning, the McMahon/Austin rivalry was simply about McMahon resenting Stone Cold as champion so much that he was willing to work with anyone whom he thought could take the belt from him, even if it was meant working with someone he didn't like like the Undertaker and Kane. But by this point, he actually HAD found the #1 guy that he wanted as his champion in The Rock. It was McMahon's most hated rival versus his preferred chosen one. Awesome stuff.
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  3. Wrestlemania can tell a fantastic story if people are patient enough.
    I loved the Wrestlemania IV through Wrestlemania V storyline revolving around Savage and Hogan. It is the best hands down.
    It's a shame the fanbase is prone to hijacking shows with nonsense all because they fail to see the big picture.