OOC WrestleMania III Match Availability Form

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Trip in the Head, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Never got the tag, but still open anyday.
  2. Love how one of your title contenders doesn't even get a tag....
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  3. Thinking that Saturday or Sunday are the only good days for me. I'd prefer Sunday though.
  4. Wanna be the main event?
  5. I thought we were already the main event? :jeritroll:
  6. BTW, just because I put down I was available on the weekend isn't certain I will be.
    Plans sometime pop up.
    We are.
    But I don't want it to be an opener is what I meant. :razer:
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  7. Tsar, do you want to close the show or something?
  8. It's even funnier that Indy was tagged even though he quit, but you still weren't. It's gotta be the #Kaizer4GM thing
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  9. @Trip in the Head

    IDK what WrestleMania is...? Is that like a rip off of IWTMania? :hmm:
  10. Hahaha - so many fucken jokesters around here.

    1. @Bill Clinton - I used the list from the last availability thread to tag people. Took out some I knew were gone (i.e. forrest and hammer). You weren't in that list and I forgot. I was under the impression Indy just wnated out of his scheduled match with Hammer since he's never around. I guess I didn't realize he quit IWT altogether. Be nice if the active roster thread was up to date.

    2. @CM Punk - then please don't bitch if we schedule the match for a day and then "plans pop up". Not trying to be snarky - just saying.

    3. @Delik - I didn't see anyone else making this thread so I'll call it what I want. :boss1:
  11. I'll do the form, but I don't know if I'll get a match (depends on the outcome of my match with Butters....Massive hint here, please go vote)
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  12. I'll do the form after my match with Majour.

    Sorry for the late response, I didn't get the tag until Majour tagged me.