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    As WrestleMania is the by far the biggest PPV of the year, I think I should do something for it.
    So for any of you taking part in this years live discussion, there will be some giveaways! There will be a certain amount of posts required to be eligible for each prize, which I'll mention below. Anyway, prizes:

    ONE member will recieve $40+ Amazon Gift Card or PayPal. Posts needed: 20
    member will recieve a copy of WWE: Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman (3 discs, US only). Posts needed: 20
    TWO members will recieve 6 months Legend upgrade: Posts needed: 15
    THREE members will recieve $1000 forum cash: Posts needed: 10

    You can increase the $25 Amazon/PayPal prize by sending a donation HERE.
    If we all added a dollar or 2, it'll build up to be a really nice prize. As always, $20+ donations get the donor award -> [​IMG]

    - One prize per member.
    - If you make 25+ posts, you'll be entered into all prize draws. If you win the $25+, you will not be able to win the prizes below. If you don't win, you'll of course still have a chance.
    - Members will be assigned numbers that will be chosen at random on random.org
    - Spamming useless junk in the live discussion thread will remove your eligibility.

    Let's make this the best live chat on the forums ever, I'll see you there. :bodallas:

    Prizes by other members:

    3 months of Xbox Live for 1 member (CM Punk) 20 posts needed

    Prizes given by me (Solidus) will not be sent immediately, there will be a couple weeks of delay. You'll understand why when I post the reason (soon :D)
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  2. Psssh, I'm here for EVERY ppv lol
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  3. I'm in it to win it.
  4. Giveaways are usually bogus. What's the catch?
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  5. No catch, just want an enjoyable live discussion.
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  6. I'm going to be in this I'm also Going to WM31 :)
  7. Sucks I may not be here for the PPV. Stupid vacation.
  8. Good luck to all, just increased the fund a little
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  9. Thank you. Prize now at $40.
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  10. I'll be there. :)
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  11. So you're going to post in the live discussion WHILE AT WM31? It's a nice sentiment but somehow I doubt it girl. :jeritroll: Enjoy the show though! Take pics
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  12. :p and Thanks
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  13. Awesome thing to do soli. I'll see if I can whip up a steam code as a prize too!
  14. Sweet! Soli's da man
  15. It's a shame I never watch the ppvs live. Good luck to yall though and nice job, solidus
  16. That's a very generous contest!! I look forward to the discussion.
  17. Amazing contest, Solidus and Delik. You guys rule.
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  18. Better believe I'll be there. The more the merrier eh?
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  19. This will be awesome Soli! Should see a nice draw simply for the chance at that Amazon card & the Paul Heyman discs.. I'll be here!
  20. Nice! I'm in, amazon cards are always useful to me.
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