Wrestler and Diva getting married

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Congrats to Kidd and Natalya then. Let's hope this wedding does not go like that one Canadian wedding on South Park.

  2. I don't know who it is but DAT ASS on the far right. :kiss:
  3. Bryan and Brie(?) Bella are in a relationship since 2011..I read,that they are probably engage too,till the end of 2013 or maybe next summer.. :happy:

  4. I think it's one of Brodus Clay's dancers
  5. Yup. That's Naomi.
  6. Is Naomi single? I can slap dat ass from dusk to dawn :kiss:

    Congrats to Kidd and Natty though, nice to see them finally getting married soon :obama:
  7. One of the Usos is dating her.
  8. I meant I can casually slap our hands together for a friendly non sexual high five that good friends do whenever they hang out and not plan to fuck.
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  9. Good for them.
  10. Congratulations to them both!
  11. Oh wow, didn't know they were dating, nice. Hope they have a great one and I hope Kidd gets out of his injury sometime soon. He was awesome.
  12. I sincerly thought they were related :urm:
  13. Congratulations to both of them..
  14. Looks like Natalya is following in the footsteps of Stephanie McMahon :yay:
  15. I despise the word "diva"...
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