News Wrestler in Line for Major Push?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. I'm not too keen on this,or, Ryback w/o the bully gimmick for that matter. What do ya'll think about this and how do ya'll think he'd be used?
  2. Fucking hell, More Ryback :facepalm:
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  3. I'm fine with some face anti-hero Ryback. The night after WM when he ended the show appearing to turn on Cena but still be a face, everyone marked out.
  4. NO MORE RYBOTCH!! WHY RYBOTCH? :angry::bully:
  5. Why would they be bothering with this bully gimmick if he were going back face any time soon?
  6. He won't get back over as a face for a long time IMO. Their decision to turn him heel when he was massively over post WM was just baffling.
  7. The bully gimmick is alright, but until they make a complete 180 turn and start booking the guy decently and get him back over I won't get my hopes up or anything.
  8. idk, his bully gimmick isn't getting him anywhere but in some hilarious skits, then again face ryback sucks too.
  9. Then again Ryback sucks all round so why dont we fire him.
  10. I didn't.
  11. Also, fuck no! I was expecting a release! :sad1:
  12. They turn this dude so much, what the freakin' hell. How many times has he turned in this year alone? :dafuq:

    I just think they should calm the fuck down with this Ryback business and take a moment, sit down, and work on something that'll actually work for him.
  13. 1 time. They've turned him one time.
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  14. Nope. He was a tweener before when he just did handicap matches, then he became babyface and then turned him full on heel, I believe.
  15. Nah, he was always a face since debut. He just wasn't like all the other faces.
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  16. Going from tweener to face or heel isn't a full on turn either way. Since a tweener operates in the grey. A tweener picking sides is just that, picking sides.

  17. I wouldn't really count him going from 'tweener' to baby face as an official turn from one alignment to another in this case. He didn't really change his character at all when he went from squashing jobbers to feuding with Punk and the like. He was pretty much a baby face.

    I'm surprised they're turning him back, though. This bully gimmick seems entertaining, especially with the WWE touting their "Don't Be A Bully - Be A Star" campaign. It's funny to think about Ryback giving a promo about how he thinks the campaign is a bunch of shit and that people should stand up for themselves instead of whining about being bullied (the idea being that Ryback feels no one he picks on will dare to stand up to him.)
  18. No way. He was a face. He was a face until his promo crying about how mean Cena was for not helping him.

    I'll continue saying it until someone listens to me, Austin Aries is the ONLY tweener on either WWE or TNA's roster in 2013.
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