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  1. I saw Austin and HHH do this on the Stone Cold Podcast. Say a wrestlers name and the next poster states their opinion on them, and lists another wrestler for the next poster.

    Let's do this. :bodallas:

    First up: Ryback
  2. Lame ass

  3. Exciting to watch despite not being so good on the mic and using a limited move set.

    Big Show
  4. All time great big man who was used properly in WCW, not so much in WWF/E

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  5. Integral part of the industry. Will go down as one of the greatest. Maybe a bit of a prick at times.

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  6. One if the best examples of an all around talent. look, charisma, ring work, character work, mic work..

  7. Hard work personified.

    Roddy Piper
  8. Great psychologist in the ring and a tough bastard. Great interview.

    Rick Rude
  9. Great heel. Deserved more in WWF imo.

    Million Dollar Man
  10. Magnificent heel and promo. Too underrated.

    Hulk Hogan
  11. GOAT

    Sycho Sid Justice/Vicious
  12. Did not live up to his potential

    John Cena
  13. Hard worker; deserves what he has.

    CM Punk
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  14. Didn't care for the guy.

  15. Always been one of my favorites. Has a great wrestling mind, definitely deserves more than what he's got in his singles career.

  16. Extremely talented. His retirement is tragic.

    The Undertaker.
  17. Legend who's done everything in the business and done everything he could for the business

    Andre the giant
  18. A true legend, and icon of the business.

    Bret Hart
  19. Biggest self-mark in the history of the biz

    the best Hart, Owen
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  20. First impression wasn't great, grew to like the guy.. RIP

    Shelton Benjamin