Wrestlers/Divas that are Christians.

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    Wrestlers/Divas that are Christians.

    The Rock
    Jake Roberts
    Ted DiBiase Sr.
    Undertaker's Wife.
    AJ Styles
    Rey Mysterio
    Bill Graham
    Kurt Angle
    Lex Luger
    Hulk Hogan
    Eddie Guerrero
    Sam Hazewinkel
    Mr. T
    Michelle McCool
    Tully Blanchard
    Frankie Kazarian
    Greg Valentine
    Rick Steiner
    Paul Bearer
    Generation Me
    Vince Russo
    Chris Jericho
    Nikita Koloff
    Ken Shamrock
    Goldust (cause he blocks non-christians from his Twitter.)
    Beth Phoenix
    Candice Michelle
    Undertaker (I'm not sure. Some people are saying he's Islam now.)
  2. Undertaker & his wife now I think are Islam.
  3. Okay.
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  4. Was totally expecting a "Shit thread" response, but this does it, too. :austin2:
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  5. Very enlightening, but nah. Closing
  6. lmao.
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