Wrestlers who can't preform as a face...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SpaceR, Feb 28, 2012.

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    This is the opposite thread.

    I'll start:
    • R-Truth
    • Dolph Ziggler

    That's really all I can think of, add to the thread.
  2. Probably Flair he always lacked as a face to me.
  3. One guy maybe too awesome to be face

    The Miz
  4. Someone who can't perform being a face is Mason Ryan. Get him into a stable already and make him useful.

    Wade Barrett also, he was born heel.

    Or else to throw a couple more
    Dolph Ziggler
    Ted Dibiase = sucks face
    Mark Henry
    Big Show
  5. outside of the fact that his twitter handle is heelziggler what makes you all think he couldn't be a face? He would be a great sympathetic babyface with his amazing selling.

    I agree with the miz because he is an unlikeable douchebag
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  6. The Miz can some what be a major face if he had a huge face turn. By big face turn I'm talking bigger than R Truth's and Sheamus's face turn.
  7. Ted Dibiase and The Miz. None of them got the talent to be a face.
  8. Flair, Barrett and Ziggler. His selling might be good but his arrogant look and average mic skills won't get him over enough. There's plenty of great sellers as faces who can't get over.

    Barrett just has that heel look, he's a born mega-heel and if used properly will be the next HHH.

    Miz would be a great face, I have no idea how anyone can dispute that. He gets cheered on every media appearance he makes, he's getting tons of genuine fans because of his charisma. Yet has the skills to get boo'd on RAW weekly. His mannerisms and mic skills remind me of Rock (come @ me JeebaK).
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  9. Have to say Miz and Barrett too, Barrett's mic skills are so amazing..
  10. He is some kind of a face now, but the Man of the Shovel. :bury:
  11. I would say Edge. He has always been the guy to think for himself and not care about fans. He is a guy that goes against faces and beat them. Edge is an evil guy and he's real good at being heel.
  12. Edge's latest heel run was a big success, he was the most over SmackDown star and was equaling Cena's and Orton's pops.
  13. Edge has always been a great heel. He sucks as a face, I agree.
  14. He was cringeworthy with all the spear stuff but what about when Christian turned on him during the invasion angle? He was a great sympathetic face there imo.
  15. I don't really care for him but I do think Miz could pull off being a face. He's already got the entire crowd (from the sound of it) going along with his catchphrases.

    Agreed about Barrett and Ziggler. Ziggler reminds me a little of Mr. Perfect in a way, and Mr. Perfect was a natural heel.
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