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    Now that we had our champion walk out on us, Wrestling Challenge is now officially a tournament for the World Heavyweight Championship. Every competitor or at least most competitors will be in the tournament. It will be voting/promo's.

    @Real Rock N Rolla @Big Boss @CM Punk @Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton vs CM Punk: April 28th
    Big Boss vs Adam: May 1st
  2. To bad if Gohan accepts, you got him. @Toonami Tom 2 wanna fight him?
  3. oh really? FUCK YEAH! but i doubt he's going to Accept because he is a Pussy Cat
  4. I think you should as a one time thing. Just for the heck of it.
  5. it to early for that. I like vince m. so at some point i will wrestler but it to earlyer right. we need to wait for right time and right storyline.
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  6. Lol, man fuck you.

    Your nothing, you don't help me AT ALL. I had 3 guys and needed another for a show and you went a split another ass crack about it. Good luck finding a match because it ain't coming. And stop saying your like Vince, i don't accept part timers. Take a match for once or get out.
  7. what are u talking about i been help u every step of the way! and i not going were for no reason i went it to mean something as the on screen boss. like if we get a face champion who go against the boss like stone cold did.
  8. How? Lol, i need help and you turn a blind eye. I could easily do the Corporate jig to. We're not going for Stone Cold v Vince 2, we're going for Plasma Snake vs Corporate Team 1.
  9. who? And why could u not have just pm about idea?

  10. Like i Said Roadster.....he a Pussy Cat
  11. The first match of Plasma Snake vs Mystery goes down today!

    @Big Boss good with you?