Wrestling Incarnations : Hollywood vs Corporate

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    These are the two polar opposite characters for a heel, one the one side you have the guy who sold his soul to the company as the evil chairman's golden boy and on the other you have the fuck you I'm off to Hollywood guy. So let's raise the questions which did you more enjoy?

    I'll evaluate them over matches and promos

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    The matches




    I'll admit I've been more critical than most of Rock's in ring style but Corporate Rock was the perfect arrogant heel worker, he'd run his mouth whilst working over an opponent better than most and his selling really aided the babyface comeback. Hollywood Rock had the bigger fight feel due to him establishing himself as an icon at this point but I'd rather watch Rock vs Austin at 15 than 19.

    Corporate 1 - 0 Hollywood

    The promos




    Hollywood Rock was the best work from the best mic worker ever IMHO, no one touched him. 1 - 1, his putdowns were as brutal as ever but he was more polished than ever here, plus the character was a goldmine.


    Hollywood Rock edges it as an overall package his promos were at the peak of his ability, his matches all had the legend feel because well he was a legend by that point and the character was possibly the greatest ever.
  2. Hollywood Rock wasn't much different than normal Rock or corporate Rock, it's just that he had a cooler entrance theme (with the helicopter and stuff) and was playing up the Hollywood persona as much as possible, but the latter felt more like extra heel heat rather than an entirely new persona or anything. The Rock has always been awesome in any form.
  3. Rock is just Rock to me.