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  1. Mods: Feel free to move the thread to wherever.

    Wrestling Revolution is a game by MDickie for ANdroid/iOS and PC. It also has another game called Booking Revolution. So basically use this thread to post news about Wrestling / Booking revolution careers.

    This will either be fun or just another dead thread, what's there to lose eh?
  2. Oh, I've played this...Moved onto WR 3D to do my stuff but go back now and then to play the 2D Versions...
  3. Can we use any sort of Mdickie games like Mipire, etc? :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Sure! I just put the name Wrestling Revolution because i couldn't remember the other one XD
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  5. Great! I'm going to mod the shit out of mine then lol.
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    Jack Trucker ( my character) beat Master Pete in a gruelling match. Master Pete asked me if I wanted to be his protege, I told him to fuck off. I am sadly still in Wrestling School and losing about 600$ a week for gimmicks >.<
    Jack Trucker, it's like Bret Hart and British Buldog had a muscular child.

    Week 3: Another idiot wants to be my mentor, f dat shiz.
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    RIP Jack Trucker.

    first time I ever got that. He did win the lightweight championship in the match that killed him though. Jack Trucker shall be missed.

    Update 2: Jack Trucker's brother David Trucker has joined wrestling school to avenge his brother.
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  8. Big Question has passed away from a car accident, the wrestling federations are coming together to pay tribute.

    R.I.P Big Question

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  9. Jack Tucker only lasted three hours? O.O Wow!
  10. Indeed :emoji_slight_frown: It was a constant 3 hours. What an idiot >.<
  11. Sad part about having a main charcater is no matter who replaces them... it'll never be the same. *Breaks down in tears* Three hours! IT"S TO SHORT!
  12. Ahh, I've been playing this game and my character named Joe Collins is in All American Wrestling, and I had a match against Cena in my debut.