Written AMW match: Dolph Ziggler vs Ronald McDonald the 3rd

Discussion in 'AMW' started by Harley Quinn, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. The match starts with Ronald slapping Ziggler. Ziggler does three barrel rolls and sells it by jumping over the top rope while barrel rolling. Ronald climbs the turnbuckle and jumps onto Ziggler. Ziggler gets hit, and is shaking like a seizure. Ronald then takes out a 12 gauge shotgun and attempts to shoot Ziggler, but wait! Out of the crowd comes Jesus Christ! Jesus hits Ronald with a chair, and Ronald gets knocked out. Soon Ziggler rolls Ronald into the ring, and him and Jesus are stomping Ronald. Ronald trys to make his way to his feet, but Jesus picks him up and power bombs him onto the mat.

    Ziggler grabs a table and sets it against the turunbuckle. Ziggler launches Ronald onto the table, and Ronald breaks the table. Ziggler soon goes for the pin. "1.....2.....3!!" Ding! Ding! Ziggler wins, with the help of his new partner Jesus Christ! What will these two do now to the AMW landscape!!
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