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    TOLD YOU DICTATOR! ALSO REMOVED MY OPENING AND CLOSED ABLENKNEE B/C OF THIS BOLD SHIT! IF THIS IS NOT CHANGED SHIT GOING DOWN @Crayo ! Who will most 99.99% Sore he will delete thread one he see it. But Crayo you need know if u do delete this or anything other post thread that I will put. That not going stop me. B/c I GOING TO DOING THIS UNTIL U STOP BOLD SHIT ME! I have to do this on my youtube video BELIVE ME I WILL! DON"T FUCK ME! OR I GOING FUCK BACK WITH U! I ANVISE U STOP RETARDNESS NOW BEFORE I GET REALLY PISS OFF U! :pipebomb:
  2. You are a retard, enough said...
  3. Shut, the, fuck, up, frank. Shut the fuck up. You are not above rules, and no one gives a shit about your crying issues. Now, let's get back to business.

    I am going to beat From, crush senhor, and then you get to face me for my world title and bitw, and when i win, i get smooches.
  4. Dude. See rule 14. You are not above the rules. Closed.
  5. Mmmm, I'd love you to fuck me back.

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